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    I have been working on a DRAFT, repeat DRAFT, of an organizing document for WAA. It is NOT set in any stone, but we have to have something to work with/from in
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      I have been working on a DRAFT, repeat DRAFT, of an organizing document for WAA. It is NOT set in any stone, but we have to have something to work with/from in April. Whether we start over from scratch or change or accept, it does not matter to me. I have NO stake but trying to give us a start. Lots of stuff is just basic procedure necessary in any such document. I am still working on the **BOD representation part .... I am not satisfied, so particularly give me your input. Also what is below is NOT, repeat NOT NOT NOT the complete document - just first couple of sections. If anyone wants to see the rest, let me know.

      DRAFT          DRAFT               DRAFT               DRAFT               DRAFT               DRAFT               DRAFT


      1.0 Name & Purpose - The organization is titled World AquaChallenge Association - WAA. It is a non profit educational/ recreational water sports entity. The WAA objectives/mission statement are as follows:

           to carry on activities devoted to the advancement of WAA sport
           to promote, teach, encourage and train WAA sport athletes, referees and coaches
           to support youth WAA sport programs
           to create a world wide WAA organization
           to create, define and promote WAA sport(s)
           to create, develop and maintain rules and regulations for the play of WAA
           to sanction and arrange for the organization of WAA world, zone and regional                          competitions
           to support the creation, production and licensing of WAA sport equipment
      1.1 Definitions
                1.1.1 Annual general meeting (AGM) is named: The Congress
       The Congress is the highest deliberative body and authorizes the actions and decisions of the Ex Comm and/or BOD.
                1.1.2 Executive Committee (Ex Comm) - President, Exec VP and Exec Sec/Treasurer = 3
      **1.1.3 Board of Directors (BOD) - Ex Comm members plus world directors of refereeing, rules and tournaments plus one elected person from each continent where at least 1 country/federation plays WAA and one representative from the AAC.
       Continents where more than 3 countries play WAA are entitled to representation based on the following data:
                     1-2 = 1 rep          3-5 = 2 reps     6-9 = 3 reps
       Representatives are called/referred to as Board  Representatives, aka Board Reps
           1.1.4 Continents - standard inhabited continents - Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania
           1.2 Discrimination - The Association shall not discriminate in any way on the basis of age, color, creed, national origin, race, religion or sexual orientation.

      1.3 Language
                1.3.1 The primary and working language of the Association is English, and English is the default language.
           1.3.2 French and Spanish are the also primary languages.
               1.3.3 Other languages used but not limited to: German, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, etc
      1.4 Calendar - the WAA calendar is 1 January to 31 December.
      1.5 Athletes Advisory Council (AAC) - is an advisory group composed of a man and women representative from each member nation/ federation. Members are appointed biennially, in writing, by the national federation or WAA executive in that country. Each representative has one vote.
           1.5.1 The Council’s purpose is to consider, discuss and advise the Ex Comm and/or BOD and/or World Directors on issues of concern to players of the sport.
           1.5.2 The Council elects one member as their representative to the Board of Directors.

      2.0 Membership
           2.1 Application - applicants must complete the official membership application and submit required fees upon application.
           2.1.1 Membership dues/fees are annual and set by The Congress.
           2.1.2 Dues/fees are reviewed biennially at the even year meeting.
           2.1.3 Dues/fees are due by 1 February yearly.
           2.2  Membership Categories: there are several categories of members
           2.2.1 National WAAtic Sport organizations
                2.2.2 federations, clubs, associations, societies, etc
                2.2.3 such organizations represent WAA Sport in their country and/or territory
                2.2.4 one such organization is allowed from each nation
                2.2.5 the name of the organization must indicate the territorial extent and tradition of the country represented.
           2.2.2 Continental organizations - each continent where WAA is played may form a Continental entity which may apply for membership in WAA.
       Each entity may join WAA without the power of vote.
       Each entity may attend meetings, speak and serve on committees and/or working groups.
           2.3 Termination of Membership
           2.3.1 Membership is terminated after 2 consecutive years of on payment of dues/fees.
           2.3.2 Membership may be terminated for cause as stipulated in section XXX of this document.
           2.4 All member federations must complete an annual status form with information including current name, address, email, phone of federation president, treasurer; national WAA executive, secretary, treasurer, rules director, chief referee, teams manager; list of usual competitions; and so forth.
                2.4.1 The status form is due to the IF by 1 February yearly.

      3.0 Government
           3.1 Annual Meeting (AGM), The Congress, is annual
           3.1.1 At the World Championships in the even year
           3.1.2 In the odd year at a location to be determined; meeting could be virtual.
           3.2 Executive Committee
           3.2.1 Is composed of the president, exec vp, exec sec/treasure
           3,2,2 meets quarterly via phone conference, tela conference, etc.
           3.3 Board of Directors
           3.3.1 Is composed of the president, exec vp, exec sec/treasurer, directors of standing committees: referees, rules and tournaments, chair of AAC and all continental representatives.
           3.3.2 meets annually in person or by phone or tela conference.
           3.4 Standing Committees - including but not limited to Referees, Rules,  Tournaments and ACC.
           3.4.1 Meet annually
       in the even year at WC
       in odd year with The Congress or other times as needed via email, tela or phone conference, etc.
           3.4.1 Committees are composted of 1 member from each member nation/federation as appointed by that member.
       Representative to the Referees Committee must be at least a level 2 international referee; level 3 is required if certified.
       Representative to ACC must be active player with world experience, in any division, in last 6 years.
           3.5 Regional or Zone/Continental Representatives - appointed by the president with approval of BOD.
           3.5.1 appointed persons in each zone/continent who are a resource for new and current participants of WAA.
           3.5.2 persons who assist in organizing regional and/or zone - continental competitions.
           3.5.3 each chairs a meeting of their regional, zone, continent at least once a year at a competition or other suitable event.
           3.6 ACC meets to discuss and give advise on issue of play, issue of equipment and issues of safety.
                3.6.1 Meeting is chaired by person elected from within the members who only votes in case of a tie. A permanent secretary may be appointed or the IF  exec secretary may act in that capacity. the chair solicits, forms and distributes the agenda for any meeting.

      4.0 Officers, Directors,
           4.1 Elected Officers
                4.1.1 President
                4.1.2 Exec VP
                4.1.3 Exec Secretary/Treasurer
           4.2 Elected Directors and their Committees
                4.2.1 Each Committee shall have an elected Director
                4.2.2 Each Director shall appoint an Assistant
           Director and Secretary.
            Minutes of all Committee meetings shall    
           be produced and published.
            All Committee minutes shall be
           distributed to all Committee members, the Exec Committee
           and the Board of Directors.
                4.2.3 Committees and their Directors shall operate
           and be governed by the WAA Constitution and Bylaws.
                4.2.4 Standing Committee include, but are not
           limited to, Referees, Rules and Tournaments.
           4.3 Administrative Liaisons, Chairpersons, Regional/Zone Reps
                4.3.1 The President, with the approval of the Exec Comm, may appoint such administrative liaisons and/or chairpersons as needed.

      5.0 Conduct of Business
           5.1 Parliamentary Authority - unless otherwise herein  specified, parliamentary procedures shall be followed and
      Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail.
           5.2 Quorum: At any meeting of a WAA deliberative body, a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) of the membership of that body shall constitute a quorum.
           5.3 Voting
                5.3.1 Each member federation/country has one vote
       President, Chair, Director votes only in case of a tie
           5.3.2 Proxies - each member may carry one proxy
       Proxy must be in writing; it may be general or it may be specific to the agenda. It is good only for the meeting/agenda indicated and must be renewed at least yearly.
           5.4 Elections
                5.4.1 Qualifications
         Nominations are made by member federations
            Signed by the federation president or WAA executive of the federation.
        All nominees must be in good standing with their federation.
                5.4.2 Nominations
                5.4.3 Term of Office
       each term of office is 2 years
       terms shall rotate so not all offices become available in the same year,
                5.4.4 Election Rotation
       Elected officer rotation
            in even year: president, sec/treasurer
            in the odd year: exec vice president
       elected committee chair rotation
            in even year: chair of referees, tournaments
            in odd year: chair of AAC, rules
       The AAC representative to the BOD is elected annually.
                5.4.5 Removal of Elected Officers and/or Directors
            5.5 Non Competitive Grievances
                5.5.1 Such grievances are brought firstly to the relevant standing committee.
            Committee grievance decisions may be appealed to the Ex Comm.
                5.5.2 If no committee is relevant, the grievance is heard by the Ex Comm.


      Carol Rose, President
      Underwater Society of America
      53C Appian Way
      South San Francisco CA 94080
      650 583 8492
      650 583 6184 fax
      650 224 8353 cell

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