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Sunday barbeque

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  • Brigit
    Since Pat is in training , we have to help him with his training, right? After hockey today ( Sunday) we will continue the barbeque training at the Grimm s
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
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      Since Pat is "in training", we have to help him with his training, right?
      After hockey today ( Sunday) we will continue the barbeque training at the Grimm's house.  We'll get some stuff to barbeque and a few extra munchies.  If you can help out, bring something to share ( salad, dessert, appetizer) and your favorite drink.  Hockey ends at 7pm, so we'll see you at the house soon thereafter.  By the way, the pool is ready for visitors.  Bring the kids.
      hm 650-947-0178
      cell 408-828-0607
      Take 280N to Los Altos area.  Take the El Monte exit, go west to first stop light.  Left on Stonebrook to the end, right on Kate to the end.  You're looking straight up at us!  28060 Laura Ct.
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      Subject: [clubpuck] Tiki bar-b-q

      Hey all,
      No doubt many of you have heard of the imminent visit of the famous Hockey God.  Yes, Pat Carboneau, 2-time world champion, many-time national champion, and all-round hockey junkie, will be gracing San Francisco and attending Club Puck practices later this week and early next.  Since Mr. Carbo is an intense, no-nonsense player, you won't have much time to get to know him while he's playing.  Is there a solution?
      Curiously enough there is!  We're going to host a gathering around the Tiki Bar and Weber Friday night.  This isn't technically a party, as that would seem too frivolous an activity for such an honored visitor.  No, it's just a simple back yard barbeque with friends, eating, telling stories, and having a few drinks.  Nope, no party, Pat's in training.  Besides, it's been months since we had a party, and we might not remember how to do it.
      We'll probably start around 6 or 7 or one of those hours.  Heck, it should be a sunny day, so we may even start earlier.  Come by when you can.  If you need directions to Casa Sanchez, drop us an email.  If you are on your way to Casa Sanchez, and find yourself lost, call us at 415-437-2445 or 415-999-2445.  Or Renata's phone.  Or anyone else's who knows how to get there.
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