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Surf Day!

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  • Ho, Miles
    SURF S UP!!! Hey all, I just wanted to get a rough estimate on who would be interested on a Surf Day! Plans are to meet with those who want to car pool. Rent
    Message 1 of 31 , Mar 14, 2005
      Surf Day!

      SURF'S UP!!!

      Hey all,

      I just wanted to get a rough estimate on who would be interested on a Surf Day!  Plans are to meet with those who want to car pool.  Rent long boards and wet suits from a local surf shop.  Pick our spot and ride some waves!  I'm no expert, but I can give a simple surf lesson to anyone who wants it.

      Yes, bring the kids too (but if the waves are too big, maybe the can play on the sand).  If they're willing, (and conditions allow) it should be fun for them too.

      Location:  Santa Cruz
      Exact surf spot:  TBD (Cowells or 38th)
      Date:  Saturday, 3/14/2005 (this coming weekend)
      Time:  meet around 8:30AM till whenever
      Tide:  Low is 12:44PM at 0.39 feet

      Renting a wet suit: $10.00
      Renting a longboard:  $15.00
      Hearing the echo of your own cheers/shouts/screams as you glide thru the barrel of a perfect wave for the first time:  PRICELESS!!!

      More details will follow.  Let me know.


    • Miles
      Hi all, Surf Day - SUP was a blast! The weather was a little overcast in the morning, but quickly cleared up and became a beautiful day on the water. There
      Message 31 of 31 , Aug 11, 2013
        Hi all,

        Surf Day - SUP was a blast!  The weather was a little overcast in the morning, but quickly cleared up and became a beautiful day on the water.  There was hardly any wind, so the water looked like glass.

        I appreciate everyone being flexible with the seating arrangements.  Mike S had to work his charm, but he got us a bbq pit and some tables (way to go Mike!).

        Some of us were able to get out on the water several times throughout the day.  There was some amazing wildlife present as we toured the lake (ex: ducks, geese, herons, schools of little fish, even large carps).

        All the food was great!  Thanks for making that happen everyone.  That worked out very well.

        Thank you Grays (& Smiths) for offering to host the After Party, which became an extended stay at the park because the day was so beautiful and the crowd was already thinning.

        Special thanks goes out to Karl for making this available.  He had to convince his manager (who also deserves a big 'thank you') to allow us not only to get FREE stand up paddle boards ALL DAY (it was suppose to be only from 11:00am to 1:00pm), but kayaks & canoes were made available too!

        Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. (Please send to the SF folks)

        See you at the next Surf Day!


        Grays kneeling on boards waiting to push off.
        Inline image 1

        Jen & Mike charging forward.
        Inline image 3

        Brigit ready to hit the water.
        Inline image 4

        On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 8:10 AM, Miles <miles001@...> wrote:
        Hi all,

        One more day till Surf Day!  Hope you're ready, it'll be a blast!

        Let's meet around 10:30am just pass the boat ramp, and be ready to get your SUP on by 11:00am at the rental shop.  The park opens at 8:00AM, so get there early if you want.

        With the number of people coming tomorrow, let's do this Pot Luck style.  Bring something you'd like to share (doesn't have to be fancy).  Then whatever we have at the end of the day, we'll move over to the After Day.

        Btw, while not required, booties or "water-shoes" may help you be a little more surefooted on the boards.  So if you have some, bring them.

        Who's bringing the frisbee?  =)

        See you tomorrow!


        On Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 3:23 PM, Miles <miles001@...> wrote:
        Hi all,

        Just a reminder that Surf Day is coming up next Saturday (8/10). A clarification on the time: the paddle board rental shop opens at 11:00am, but the park opens earlier (8:00am I believe). So you can go there earlier, just be ready to be there by 11:00am if you want to paddle board. I'll be there around 10:00am.

        Let's meet in near the park benches around 10:30am just pass the boat ramp. I believe we'll have the a bbq going as needed, so feel free to bring something to throw on the grill.

        Great news... by our good fortune the After Party will be held at the beautiful Gray Manor!!!

        Please doodle your choices so we can get a rough count. This will help with the rental and food accommodations. (Note: the time for the After Party is a best estimate)


        Gray Manor
        18900 Aspesi Drive
        Saratoga, CA 95070

        Come join the fun. See you there.



        On Sunday, July 14, 2013, Miles <miles001@...> wrote:
        > Hello all,
        > Well summer is here, and it's time for another SURF DAY! 
        > This year will be a little different.  Instead of a riding waves, we'll be doing another something similar... Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)! 
        > We'll be able to rent the boards at the park and it sounds like they have a number of them (about a dozen), but here's the best part... we can rent the boards all the way till 1:00PM for FREE!!!  You may rent the boards beyond 1pm, but that will the individual's responsibility to handle the cost ($15 per 1/2 hr, I think).  So get there as soon as the park opens, 11:00AM. 
        > Thank you Karl (lifeguard) for making this available to all of us.  (And no, he may no longer use red sticks/caps, or play as a 7th.)
        > Here's the information:
        > Who: YOU
        > What: Stand Up Paddle Boarding
        > When: Saturday, August 10, 2013 @ 11:00AM
        > Where: Vascona Lake Park in Los Gatos
        > Why: Because it's fun!
        > How: Be there and find out w/ the rest of us.
        > If I get ambitious enough, I may send out an Evite for this later, but consider yourself cordially invited.
        > Someone please pass this on to the SF hockey list.
        > Come join the fun!
        > PS: If anyone is willing to host an After Party, please email me directly.
        > Aloha,
        > Miles

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