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USA Women's Hockey Database

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  • Brigit
    To All Underwater Hockey Women in America, We are in the process of formulating a women s underwater hockey database in order to organize clinics and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004

      To All Underwater Hockey Women inAmerica ,


      We are in the process of formulating a women’s underwater hockey database in order to organize clinics and tournaments for women.  This database will consist of contact information for all women in the U.S. who are interested in improving their level of play in underwater hockey.  Whether your goal is to improve your individual underwater hockey skills or to prepare for major tournaments like Worlds, you are all invited to join this database.  This is a new database, so even if you think you may be on another group’s database, we need your updated information.


      We need the following contact information in order to add you to the database:



      YOUR HOME CLUB (including city):


      PHONE NUMBER:  (home & cell)


      Please email this info to Madeleine Rive at mrive@... by October 15. 


      We will keep you up to date with future women’s clinics and Women’s High-level Energy Weekends (WHEW!).  We also plan to enter future tournaments as a women’s team, for those who want to play with women only at high-level tournaments.


      This invitation is for ALL women, rookies to veterans, from any high school, university or city underwater hockey club.  There is no age limit!  As long as you are you between the age of 10 and 85, no one is too young or too old.  We strongly recommend you sign up if you would like to improve your underwater hockey game – not to mention having a great time with other women players!  Please forward this invitation to any individuals or clubs around theU.S. that may not get this email any other way.


      Please accept our apologies if you receive this email several times, but we are trying to reach every potentially interested woman in theU.S.  We will be adding names to the database on a continual basis, however, it is imperative we get everyone’s names and contact information by October 15 so that you can receive current and timely updates.


      Thanks for your cooperation!


      Madeleine Rive

      Brigit Grimm

      Dawn Charnetzky

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