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Going away party!

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  • Uncle Terry
    Hey folks, it s time to celebrate! OK, it s always time to celebrate, but this time there s a reason. We re finally shipping out everyone s favorite Potato
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2004
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      Hey folks, it's time to celebrate!  OK, it's always time to celebrate, but this time there's a reason.  We're finally shipping out everyone's favorite Potato Head, Seamus, and his beloved Down Under Bride, Claire.  So to honor our loss and Australia's gain, come join us this Saturday (9/18) at Club Waziema, on Divisadero in the City.  We start the shindig at 7pm, with dinner beginning at 8:30.
      Come one, come all, with your favorite stories of things Seamey has done at hockey or elsewhere, or just come see him do his impression of the Mud Men, and tell you about building huts in Thailand, or any of the other hundreds of traditional Irish folk tales that he makes up.  Come pretend we're going to miss him, and admit that we'll definitely miss her.
      I'm not sure if we're supposed to RSVP.  Ask Markie V about that.
      p.s. Come help us convince him not to name his daughter Nymph.
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