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Re: [clubpuck] Results- The Full Version

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    Thanks for the update. Please offer my hearty congratulations to both Master s champion teams. Tell Markie-san to check his bag for bricks. Have fun, everyone.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2004
      Thanks for the update.

      Please offer my hearty congratulations to both
      Master's champion teams.

      Tell Markie-san to check his bag for bricks.

      Have fun, everyone.

      --- Uncle Terry <uncleterry@...> wrote:
      > Now that things have calmed down a bit, there's time
      > to describe Saturday's events in a bit more detail.
      > As we mentioned earlier, there were no semifinals in
      > the Women's Masters division, so those games didn't
      > take long. In the Open Masters semifinals, the
      > matchups were the 1st seed Aussies against the 4th
      > seed Brits in one game, and the 3rd seed Kiwis
      > against the 2nd seed defending world champion
      > Americans in the other.
      > The Oz-GB game was a tight battle the entire way.
      > The score was tied 2-2 for the longest time, until
      > the Kangaroo Riders broke the tie near the end for a
      > 3-2 victory.
      > The US-NZ game was not as tight. Even though his
      > mom wasn't watching at the time, forward Pat
      > Carboneau knocked in 3 quick goals for an early Yank
      > lead, which eventually extended to an 8-0 final.
      > So both finals were going to be Oz against America.
      > The Women's game was expected to be cut and dried.
      > In the triple round robin preliminaries, the Aussies
      > had dominated, winning every game easily. With
      > several members from previous World teams which had
      > experienced much success over the last 20 years,
      > everyone expected the final to be no different.
      > Everyone except the Americans. 6 minutes into the
      > game, Brigit Grimm took a pass from Mary Jo Ferris
      > and tossed the puck into the goal for a 1-0 US lead.
      > A few minutes later, Mojo hammered one in herself,
      > and the Yanks went into halftime with a 2-0 lead.
      > In the second half, the AussieLadies managed to
      > score a goal of their own, but it was quickly
      > answered by another Mojo goal, and the US held on to
      > finish 3-1.
      > The Open Masters final match was much anticipated.
      > Both teams had impressive credentials. The North
      > Americans had several members from the team which
      > achieved a surprising (to some) victory in the
      > previous World Championships in Calgary, while the
      > gang from Down Under had several members from the
      > various Men's division teams which dominated hockey
      > at the world level for much of the 80s and 90s, led
      > by captain Mike Gillespie, who has several World
      > Championship gold medals in his drawer. The two
      > teams had the same records in the round robin, and
      > had tied their last match against each other. But
      > the scores of previous games meant nothing, and
      > everything was riding on one match.
      > From the beginning of the game, both teams
      > threatened the other's goal, but neither side could
      > score. The referees were keeping a tight rein on
      > things, calling frequent fouls. Apparently the US
      > players thought it would be more interesting if they
      > played with a handicap, so Mark Voelker found his
      > way to the penalty box for a 2-minute period. That
      > didn't seem to be enough, so Mike Grimm followed
      > soon after, along with an extremely dubious call for
      > a penalty shot. Though Timmy Burke defended
      > bravely, the Aussies converted the penalty shot for
      > a 1-0 lead.
      > The American team was able to repel any further
      > attacks until it returned to full strength. Since
      > this was clearly a boring situation, it became time
      > for another visit to the penalty box, this time by
      > Ben Erickson. 30 seconds later, he was followed by
      > Mike Grimm. Keeping with custom, the refs again
      > declared a penalty shot upon Mike's ejection. Once
      > again, the Aussies shot it past Timmy for a 2-0
      > lead. Halftime followed soon after, and the teams
      > had a chance to evaluate their situations.
      > For the Yanks, the situation appeared grim (no pun
      > intended). The Australians are known as a second
      > half team, able to make halftime adjustments to deal
      > with whatever their opponents were doing. We were
      > going to have to begin the 2nd half two players
      > down, against a team that was used to getting its
      > way. On the positive side, we were losing 2-0, and
      > any true American fan knows that is a familiar path
      > to victory. Besides, the Aussies had been unable to
      > score against us any time we had more than one
      > person in the water. You could almost say we were
      > right where we wanted to be.
      > All we had to do was keep some of our players in the
      > water. The coaches tried to distract the players
      > from the sight of deck officials adding more chairs
      > to the penalty box area (just in case). The plan
      > for the second half was to play conservatively when
      > we were 2 men down, and open things up any other
      > time.
      > Fortunately the Men in Light Blue false started on
      > the first strike of the second half, which gave the
      > US men the puck and, more importantly, killed some
      > time to allow Ben to return to the water, getting us
      > up to 5 players (which, for the sake of argument,
      > we're going to call "scoring strength"). Shortly
      > afterward, Mike also returned-it was like playing
      > with extra players!!
      > Yet the Wizards from Oz still had the lead, and
      > didn't seem to want to share it. Three minutes into
      > the half, sensing that something needed to be done,
      > and envious of those who had been resting in the
      > penalty box, Doug Roth allowed a hard shot of Craig
      > McKenzie's to deflect off his stick and hit him in
      > the face. The Duck floated to the surface, and a
      > ref, apparently paying attention, helped him to the
      > side of the pool. There was quite a brouhaha, as
      > Simon Talbot stopped by to show Doug several places
      > on his face where he had previously received wounds,
      > and Craig McKenzie offered to perform CPR.
      > After a couple minutes, Doug was carted away to a
      > more sheltered area and play began. The great
      > sacrifice had the desired effect. The inspired US
      > team almost immediately scored a goal. But still
      > down 2-1, and not knowing how long we would be
      > without Duck's services, we had to resort to
      > tried-and-true tactics-it was time for Kendall Banks
      > to go to the penalty box for 2 minutes. With the US
      > playing the familiar man-down formation (and with
      > only one sub for the 3 midfield positions) play
      > continued scorelessly for several minutes.
      > Kendall's penalty time ran down, so to keep the
      > man-down advantage Markie V visited the penalty box
      > for 2 minutes With about 6 minutes left in the
      > game, Doug appeared in the substitution area, super
      > glue dripping from his face, and began to put his
      > gear back on.
      > Our boys were once again inspired, but were tired.
      > So well-rested Doug had to step up to the plate.
      > With 2 minutes left in the game, Pat Harris stuffed
      > an Aussie advantage puck, tossed it to Markie V, who
      > flung it outside to Duck, who sped away on a reverse
      > upside down breakaway (he had to position himself so
      > he could see the goal with his good eye) to score
      > the tying goal. In the spectator area the cries of
      > "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy" died down, drowned
      > out by American chants. Regulation time ran out,
      > and we were in for an overtime period that was sure
      > to be exciting.
      > The first half of the overtime period proceeded
      > relatively uneventfully. For 5 minutes the puck
      > moved back and forth with no one gaining a
      > significant advantage. For the second half, the
      > Yanks needed to pull something out of their bag of
      > tricks. So, sticking with familiar territory, Ben
      > Erickson got sent to the penalty box 15 seconds into
      > the period. The US was unable to immediately
      > capitalize on the advantage of being a man down.
      > Then, with 3 minutes to go, Aussie captain Mike
      > Gillespie was sent to the penalty box. It appeared
      > the Southerners were attempting to use the American
      > plan for success. But, unlike the Stars & Stripers,
      > the Aussies were used to playing with 6 players.
      > Relishing the advantage of having 5 against 5, the
      > Yanks were ready. With about 1:50 to go, Mikey
      > Grimm and Rich Gray (who did a marvelous imitation
      > of Mike's zig-zag) brought the puck up the pool,
      > tossing it to Markie V, who tossed it to Kendall.
      > Seeing Mike moving into position, Kendall tossed
      > back to Mike. But Mikey didn't move fast enough and
      > Pat Carboneau, confident that his mom was now
      > watching, intercepted the pass and took the puck to
      > the goal.
      > The fans (at least the Americans ones) went wild,
      > especially Pat's mom. As the teams got ready for
      > the final strike with one minute to go, the American
      > men were given one simple instruction (DO . NOT .
      > LET . THEM . SCORE!). Pat Harris sprinted to the
      > puck, and took it directly to the right wall, where
      > the Yanks were able to keep it till time ran out.
      > For the statistically minded, the Yanks received 23
      > advantage pucks to the Aussies 19, the Aussies had a
      > 2-0 lead in penalty shots, the US held the lead in
      > penalty minutes, 16-6, and in the 40 minute game the
      > US had the lead for a bit over a minute and a half.
      > Oh, and the US won, 3-2.


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