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FW: 4th of July BBQ at the Arenovski-Shephard Compound

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  • Andrea L. Arenovski
    For those of you who didn t get my email earlier this week (chalk it up to an incomplete and outdated email list), we re having a BBQ tomorrow at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2003
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      For those of you who didn't get my email earlier this week (chalk it up to
      an incomplete and outdated email list), we're having a BBQ tomorrow at the
      Arenovski-Shephard compound. We've got a new patio in our tiny backyard,
      and a new gas grill to Christen!

      DATE: Friday, July 4th (of course!)
      TIME: 2 PM or sometime thereafter
      WHERE: 6167 Potrero Drive, Newark, CA 94560
      WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite munchable or side dish and a patio chair (we
      could use a few extra).

      The backyard is taking shape. The patio is in, but the planting is yet to
      be done. Don't let the lack of greenery stop you from enjoying a sunny 4th
      of July afternoon of food and drink on the Arenovski-Shephard new backyard

      We'll supply the drinks, grillables for the BBQ, and a few appetizers.
      Please let us know what munchable or side dish you can bring. If you want
      to bring your own patio chair, we could use a few extra.

      Directions are included below. Let us know at hockey tonight, or by phone
      or email, if you think you will be stopping by or not. This way we can
      attempt to get the right amount of grillables and drinks.

      Ang and Steve
      Andrea L. Arenovski & Steven L. Shephard
      6167 Potrero Drive
      Newark, CA 94560
      Tel: (510) 651-4200
      Fax: (510) 651-4700
      Email: a_arenovski@...
      Email: sshephard1@...

      Take the Stevenson Blvd Exit.
      Go west on Stevenson towards the Bay past Cedar Blvd.
      Turn right onto Parada just before the lights at Boyce/Cherry.
      Turn right (1st right) onto Potrero Drive into the Nantucket Cove Home
      Owners Association (across from the Waterford).
      Continue approximately 1/4 mile and turn right into the "Pod" that includes
      Our house (6167) is located in the back right corner of this Pod.
      Park in spots marked "Visitor" or out on Potrero Drive. Please do not park
      in numbered parking spaces.
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