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Re: [clubpuck] Tradition lives!

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    T I couldn t agree more!!! Landlocked and hockeyless in Lafayette, IN. Peter(OK, Pedro if your a Hockey player) ...
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      I couldn't agree more!!!

      Landlocked and hockeyless in Lafayette, IN.
      Peter(OK, Pedro if your a Hockey player)
      --- Terry Sutton <terrysutton@...> wrote:
      > Though the loss of Sammy is bemoaned by all
      > (particularly Meredith), his
      > passing demonstrated hockey tradition at its best.
      > While we were all
      > gathered under the surfboards, ostensibly for a last
      > farewell to our
      > favorite lawyer (a seldom used phrase), the fates
      > knew that the true purpose
      > of the meeting was to recruit 2 people for PCCs who
      > had thought that they
      > weren't going. Lame excuses were proferred, such as
      > "I'll get kicked off
      > the polo team" or "I need to find a job", but such
      > whining was no match for
      > the overwhelming logic of the group-- "Hawaii is
      > fun!". Our barrister
      > contributed mightily with his counsel on the value
      > of lying (I must admit
      > his use of precise Bible language was truly
      > inspiring). It was quite a
      > performance by all.
      > And so, Club Puck's newest recruits are leading the
      > charge to the islands.
      > Charmin was dropped off at the airport yesterday
      > morning (late for her
      > flight, showing her further appreciation of hockey
      > tradition), and Z is at
      > the airport now. Her hopes of Olympic glory and his
      > of gainful employment
      > are temporarily suspended in observance of the more
      > important pursuit of
      > being where the gang is. And, oh yes, we will
      > encourage Mededith to do some
      > workouts and Zed to do job hunting correspondence
      > while in Paradise. Yup.
      > Some think that hockey's sense of community is its
      > best trait, but I've
      > always been fond of its innate ability to get people
      > to do what they are
      > almost positive is not in their long term best
      > interest (Peter Bihl has been
      > one of my heroes since 1984!). Hopefully our 2
      > advance personnel will be
      > scouting out the best Mai Tais for when we join them
      > shortly (and Dick will
      > be scouting our east coast hockey), but as far as
      > I'm concerned they've
      > already performed their most important duty.
      > Tradition lives!
      > Now, before I start singing "If I were a rich man",
      > I think I'll go to work.
      > T

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