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RE: [clubpuck] Sunday confirmation

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  • Bob Burres
    Ok, I understand a few of you are not convinced about coming to hockey tomorrow. There seems to be all sorts of excuses, but they re all BS. I don t like
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      Ok, I understand a few of you are not convinced about coming to hockey tomorrow.  There seems to be all sorts of excuses, but they're all BS.

      "I don't like playing in San Jose, the goals suck and the puck always goes over or under." 

      Not anymore!  We have some beautiful stainless steel goals, as nice as the ones at San Jose State.  Thank you Scott Semans!  Scott had the old goals from San Jose welded together and they work perfect.  No more pushing the puck under.  You're responsible from keeping it from going over.  

      "There will be too many people and I'll spend the whole time in the sub box."

      Not to worry, we have two wonderful sets of goals and two playing surfaces.  We can split into two games just like the old days.  All us wimpy guys can have a nice relaxing game on one side, and all the young strong guys can beat each other up on the other court.

      "My brother-in-law invited me to a BBQ at his place, it's Labor Day weekend."

      Not a problem, this is early hockey Sunday.  We start at 10:00 and we're done at 1:00.  You can still make it to the BBQ with no problem.  How much time do you want to spend listening to your sister-in-law drone on about her candle business anyway.  Come to hockey, its the perfect excuse.

      "I'm old and out of shape.  It's been awhile since I played and I might embarrass myself."

      Are you kidding me?  You're not going to get in any better shape sitting around the house or hanging out at your brother-in-law's BBQ.  And you can't embarrass yourself any more than I do on a regular basis.  Hear that Duy?

      So no more excuses, come on out and play some hockey.

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      Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 08:28:46 -0700
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      Wooo Hooo, hockey on Labor day weekend.  And it's early hockey.  And it's $5.00 per car hockey.  And the weather is supposed to be perfect.  What could be better than that.

      All you SF folks, come on down and get out of the fog.  With the bridge closed the only sane place to go is south.  We won't have any traffic down here, so it's perfect.  If you squeeze enough people into your car, it's almost like we're paying you to play hockey.

      And for you people living out in the East Bay (cough, cough, Mojo), come on down.  You can't get into the city or over to the peninsula with the bridge closed, so come down to lovely Los Gatos.  And I know you don't have any plans for Labor Day weekend, you live in the East Bay, what could you possibly be doing.

      Since we're expecting a record number of players, lets all get there early.  The pool opens at 10:00 am.  That gives you a full hour to stand around and stare at the pretty water and mumble before hockey starts at 11:00.

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      Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:50:19 -0400
      Subject: [clubpuck] Sunday confirmation

      I received confirmation from "da management" that hockey is a GO at 10am this next Sunday!  It should be great!!


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