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Nominations for the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Board

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  • Brigit Grimm
    FYI ... Subject: [hockeynet:1499] Nominations for the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Board Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 23:25:59 -0700 From: Uncle Terry
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      Subject:[hockeynet:1499] Nominations for the USA Underwater Hockey Governing Board
      Date:Tue, 6 Aug 2013 23:25:59 -0700
      From:Uncle Terry <uncleterry@...>

      Dear members of the USA Underwater Hockey community,

      The annual elections for the USAHockey Governing Committee are approaching. This year, four people will be elected to the Governing Committee, and each will serve a two year term.

      At this time, we need nominations for candidates to serve on the Governing Committee. Governing Committee members must be able to give of their time and energy to the underwater hockey community. The Committee typically meets by conference call once per month. Subcommittees of the board may meet more often as necessary.

      To nominate someone, please contact Kat Search, and provide the person’s name, club or team affiliation, and their contact information (telephone number and email address). Self-nominations are welcome.

      Those nominated will be contacted to ensure their willingness to serve. Those seeking a position on the Governing Committee must be dues paying members of the Underwater Society of America.

      Please submit your nominations to Kat Search at: searchkm@...


      Kat Search, Secretary
      Jorge Millan, member

      Terry Sutton, Chair
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