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Re: [clubpuck] REMINDER Dive Show Santa Clara

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  • Wendy Okafuji
    Hi Carol - unfortunately I won t be able to help out this year since I ll be out of town. Last year I made up a stack of postcard handouts that had info on Los
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      Hi Carol - unfortunately I won't be able to help out this year since I'll be out of town.


      Last year I made up a stack of postcard handouts that had info on Los Gatos & SF UWH times.  Would you like a stack of those again?  I think our generic UWH brochures are sadly out of date!!  We really should think about revamping them - would the USOA budget allow us to redo all of the UW sports brochures?  I'm not sure what we can do between now and May 4 but at least we'd have them for other trade shows (and for next year)


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      I just started working for Covenant Airport Security. They do the TSA stuff at SFO. I have no idea what my schedule will be then, but I am at your service. By then, I will have my schedule and a better idea of how much time I have to offer. As I have played for a little while & been to a tournament or two, hopefully I can even help with the seminars.  RIte now, we're training. Have a great & successful trip. I'll keep in touch. 

      As Always
      Joe Grandov
      415 601-0606 Cell

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      Subject: [clubpuck] REMINDER Dive Show Santa Clara

      Travel/Expo Show May 4-5 Santa Clara Convention Center. Set up in Friday May 3, and I could use some help ... help help

      I do realize it's a Friday, work day, but if anyone has the time, I'd really appreciate it. Get back to me, and we'll coordinate a time. We (CenCal, USOA, Women Divers Hall of Fame) have 2 booth spaces. I have to carry in: (I do have small platform cart) 
      three 6' tables, 1 4' table and 1 small table
      4 folding chairs
      3 rolling tubs full of stuff for show
      box of 200 newsletters, lots of brochures
      give aways: pens, key chains, fishy candy
      tv monitor
      table cloths
      display board - for photos!!
      etc etc etc

      Then have to organize and set up stuff once stuff inside.

      Hockyites - I need photos - uw, team, stuff - also need equipment samples - puck, sticks ... you get the idea

      skin spear - couple of modified guns would be nice and any photos of big fish (Danny's ling Albion), nationals 2012, etc???

      I have heard, NOT confirmed, I am doing seminar on uw sports. Really need hockey equipment for that one!! can/will use 1992 DVD, and a hockey and skin spear person or two would help!!!! back to help help help ... I have asked for confirmation of seminar, but I am leaving country (CMAS meeting) tomorrow, Monday. Should have info while I"m gone and email in country, so we can organize from afar!! I'm home early April 24th and plan to hit the ground running .........  :-!

      Any yes I do know the youth uw hockey and possible freshwater meet conflicts - we NEED to do better at planning!!!

      Carol Rose
      President USOA
      CenCal Treasurer
      Founder WDHOF

      53C Appian Way, South San Francisco CA 94080 USA
      650 583 8492 land line - preferred contact
      650 583 6184 fax
      650 224 8353 cell - lives mainly in car unless I am traveling

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