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Re: [clubpuck] Sunday Wrap

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  • Ben Phipps
    I later found out that Ben s ardour for the sport normally causes tingling in his nether regions, so it was just business as usual.)   50% from the sport,
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      I later found out that Ben's ardour for the sport normally causes tingling in his nether regions, so it was just business as usual.)
      50% from the sport, 50% for having an excuse to wear a speedo.
      From: Bob Burres <bob_burres@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, April 7, 2013 6:50 PM
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      Another fine summary.  However I feel compelled to add a little commentary from the opposing team.  Yes, Ben's nether regions were tingling on occasion, but I believe the primary cause was the considerable hits he was taking from the opposing team.  Yes Rich, your team.  

      On the sidelines I repeatedly heard comments about the fact that your arms now seem to extend very close to half way across the court.  Are they performing arm lengthening procedures in China now?  4 weeks did seem like an awful long trip overseas.  Several people were commenting on the horrendous hits you inflicting.  You may have been a priest in a prior life, but I'm sure it was a Jesuit with an attitude.

      It was a fine day of hockey and a good time was had by all, but no need to feel sorry for poor old Rich.

      And yes the dog from the pound was taken back to a loving home completely unscathed and no worse for wear.
      To: clubpuck@yahoogroups.com From: RGray35711@... Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013 20:54:43 -0400 Subject: [clubpuck] Sunday Wrap 
      A number of us showed up early today at 10am and mainly just dicked around until 11am when the scrimmage started.  That's just fine.  It was sunny and warm but not crazy hot.  Matt, Drew and Sara came down from SF. 

      I thought Casey said he would show.......... well he didn't, but we had 14 anyway.  A good game which ended up about tied but which felt like I got my ass kicked.  We put Drew, Ben and Matt on one team so they could get a chance to play together.......... so not only did they kick my ass but they were smug about it too.  Well, I deserved it......... I was a priest in a previous life. 

      (Did he actually just write that?)

      A 3 person maintenance team was surprised to see us show up for hockey.  They were replacing all the lights in the pool.  It was cool though, we stayed out of their way and played hockey until they were ready to test the lights.  At that point we all had to jump out of the pool.

      The workers had brought a small dog from the pound with them.  They were going to test their work by tossing the dog into the pool and seeing if he fried.  Of course we thought this cruel so we threw Ben in instead.  Besides a small tingling in his nether regions Ben seemed to be fine.  (I later found out that Ben's ardour for the sport normally causes tingling in his nether regions, so it was just business as usual.)

      A number of people mentioned that they REALLY like the morning game on Sunday..........and  would I consider some more morning Sunday games?  My normal response of "FXXK YOU, leave me alone, don't I do enough for you people already," seemed a tad high handed, so I said I'd diddle another doodle and see what the response was.

      Wendy brought Blondies for after hockey treats............... they were de-frickin-licious.

      It was $5.00 a car day at LGHS, so even if you think the bottom is slow or whatever, you can't really argue about the price!

      And that's how Goze goes,


    • Rich Gray
      My list shows that we had 28 players this Sunday. Pretty good competition, we split red,yellow, orange, green. A bunch of big guns showed up so the
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        My list shows that we had 28 players this Sunday.  Pretty good competition, we split red,yellow, orange, green.  A bunch of big guns showed up so the Red/Yellow game was pretty gnarly.

        We did not get started until fairly late............ people kept on dribbling in so the teams were constantly updated.  Thanks to Wendy and Bob for administering this typically UWH cluster-Fxxk.  If you have any criticisms please JUST DO THE JOB YOURSELF (kinda obvious).

        The other downside was that a bunch of families brought their kids and the lifeguard said the kids could not be in the pool.  We can't really blame the lifeguards for this.  There was only one guard scheduled, we also used two playing areas, which may not be Kosher in and of itself.  But besides that it's really about the liability issue.  Our insurance policy only covers UWH players, so families aren't covered.  We are lucky to have the very reasonably priced liability insurance that we have got right now, thanks to Carol Rose and her minions.

        Maddy asked me if we could hire extra guards for the kids.  I don't think that would be a problem.  The problem is the insurance/liability issue.   We can investigate this issue some more, but we have to look at it in the light of the new Menlo Park pool coming on line this summer.  For instance, we don't want to make a Herculean insurance effort for a pool at which we may not end up playing Sunday hockey. 

        I will be at hockey this Wednesday, then out of town for a couple of weeks.  So pay up if you can so that I can make a deposit before I go.  Most everybody is paid up, or only owes a little.  The diamond club members are:

        David Q  135
        Rhett     (An embarrassingly large number)
        Yori       110
        Ben       140

        That's how Goze goes,


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