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  • Rich Gray
    Feb 7, 2013
      Last Wednesday 15 players, last Sunday 21 players (before SuperBowl), last night 12 players.

      There's a whole lot of hockey happening, as it should be!

      At the midwest tournament a team of 1st time players (the Sturgeons), including two 12 year olds, took the B championship under the helm of KB's legendary leadership.*

      (The A division was won by some people nobody every heard of and nobody really cares about.  The team they beat was equally un-noteworthy.  After patting themselves on each other's butts for a job well done they quickly vacated the pool area leaving Yori and Goze to put the fxxkin' pool bottom back together.  "The Ghost of Hockey Sport Court."................. will we never be free from it???!!!)

      And That's How GOze goes,


      * Ok...... so the Sturgeons did have a little help in the back field from Goze, Sue, KB, Yori, and Bob (a stray from Green Bay who can lay some lumber down)............ but other than those "oldsters of questionable value", the rest of the team had been playing less than a year.