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9093Re: [clubpuck] Tuesday wrap

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  • Gregory Appling
    Feb 1, 2012
      For those that haven't played at Highland in a while we've started getting a few more players (mostly SF). The games have gotten pretty good with the return of a few other puckers (Lyndon, Rhett, etc..).

      It would be awesome if we could get enough playing so that Lyndon will have a sub. so come on out and join us at the bubble.

      Life in the Bubble
      Gregory Appling cell: 415-637-0784

      From: Rich Gray <RGray35711@...>
      To: clubpuck@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 11:34 PM
      Subject: [clubpuck] Tuesday wrap

      To flame or not to flame............

      This is really touchy.  On the one hand inquiring minds need to know, on the other hand if I piss off any potential Highland players then instead of 4 on 3 we may be playing Goze on 1.

      So I asked the Ms. Manners of UWH, Uncle Terry, what I should do.  This is a transcription of our conversation:

      "Hey T, I've got this potentially troubling question for you concerning literary license, you see what happened was.............."

      "Cut 'em a new one!"

      "But maybe I should explain the situation to you first, you see............"

      "Man-up you pussy and turn up the heat!"

      "Well, I'm just afraid that sometimes these things can get out of hand and................"

      "God gave you hands for two reasons, and one of those reasons is for typing up the weekly wrap, now type scum!"

            Sometimes Uncle T is so subtle that I have to analyze what he said for a while before it sinks in.
            Other times it's pretty obvious.


            How many SF players does it take to help with the pool covers?

            Obviously more than two.

      And THAT'S HOW Goze goes,


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