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8754Re: [clubpuck] Sunday Wrap Up

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  • Gregory Appling
    Sep 19, 2011
      If they don't care, then it sounds like a good candidate for PVC.... I think we've got some laying around.


      Gregory Appling
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      Subject: [clubpuck] Sunday Wrap Up
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      Date: Monday, September 19, 2011, 1:53 PM


      That gag about the dachsund must have worked.  There were 14 people at hockey on Sunday.  Everybody likes a "doggie have big pee pee" line.

      We had a new lady player named Lyn who came and tried it out too.  But that's not the most interesting part...................

      We played in the 7 foot pool..... and boy did it throw us through a loop!  The people who recently played at Highland were choking on their snorkels as they tried to breathe when they were still submerged 2 feet under the surface.  The folks who played recently at Gunderson in the 13 foot tank were breaching when they came up for air and Ben was in danger of leaping onto the deck when he pushed off from the bottom.  In any event, it was a bunch of fun.

      Mike Hurtado has been making a bunch of Sundays and is looking strong on the bottom.  Kuldeep was there again too and he still has that strong sideways flick that I swear I will never fall for again...........  until the next time I fall for it.  Yori lectured the hell out of us but nobody complained this time since he was the guy who brought the newbie, Lyn.  After some false starts everybody got on the same page and made sure that Lyn had some serious puck time.

      According to the lifeguard the school considers the bottom of the 7 foot pool a lost cause so they aren't worried about what we will do to it.  So if we did not mind the grit on the bottom then we were free to play there............. which we did.  We will research this claim a little bit to make sure there is someone in the school administration, besides the lifeguard, who is of like mind.  

      The pool temperature was reasonable too, not too hot.

      It's not a fast bottom but it's not too bad either.  We played with the soft puck that no one really likes but playing with it is still felt to be the most prudent choice.

      I am not entirely sure what next Sunday will bring but stay tuned so you don't miss out on any great hockey action.

      And that's HOW Goze goes,

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