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  • Andrea L. Arenovski
    Feb 2 6:43 PM
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      Hi all,

      If you were able to follow my recent emails, you would know that this
      month's women's UWH game is scheduled for this Sunday, Feb. 4 at San Jose
      State, 4:30 to 6:30 pm (not 7:30 pm as I suggested earlier). Unfortunately,
      I can't make it. Work got in the way and I'll be on the east coast.
      Ladies, please still plan to show up and play the women's game. If, by some
      strange chance, there are not enough women for the game, scratch the women's
      game and play mixed with the guys as we normally do. We'll try again on
      Sunday, Feb. 11th if this happens.

      By the way, two new players will be there. Becky and Maki have been playing
      on Wednesday nights in the City. They don't have their own gear yet, but
      I'm sure we can find some for them. They'll be at the pool this Sunday for
      the women's game, so if you have extra gear, please bring it. (Becky and
      Maki -- to answer your other question -- from time to time we do hold skills
      clinics, but there're none planned for the near future and there is no
      regular schedule for these. I'd recommend you get on the ClubPuck egroups
      list and watch your email for announcements. We'd love to have you
      participate next time around.)

      Have fun! See you next Thursday.

      Andrea L. Arenovski, Ph.D., Project Coordinator
      National Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project
      3901 Grand Avenue, Suite 304, Oakland, CA 94610
      Email: a_arenovski@...
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