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8171Happy New Year!

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  • Brigit
    Jan 2, 2011
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      ...now raise your stick hand high in the air and say it with me (yes,
      every one of you!!):

      "As my new year's resolution, I will be at practice ON TIME (8pm TuTh,
      4pm Sun, in case you forgot). On rare occasion, when I am late, I will
      expect to have to wait until half time to be allowed to join into the
      game. I will get into the pool PROMPTLY, so that everyone SHARES with
      the pool set up. If I take it upon myself to pick the teams, I will do
      so in no more than 5 minutes, without the help of 5 other people. If
      this cannot be done, I agree to picking teams the old fashioned way with
      2 captains picking their teams in quick manner. After a fun and
      challenging game, where I promise to play fairly and without hounding
      anyone, I will promptly help break down the courts. If I feel I need to
      speak to someone about their fabulous game or have constructive
      criticism, I will do this while I pull covers, in the showers or
      afterwards, not instead of breakdown."

      Now that we are all back on the same page, have a happy new year!
      See you on the bottom,
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