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796RE: [clubpuck] lost and found

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  • Sean R. Avent
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Hey Brigit,

      I claim the Men's PCC photo and the Martini Glass. Ill even try to make it to hockey if possible
      soon. I'll let you know when I find out when it starts up again. This Thursday is a real good
      possibility, so if you go, can you bring the stuff?

      Thanks and a great time was had at your party once again,


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      Subject: [clubpuck] lost and found

      Happy New Year to all,

      Since it's the end of the year, I think it's time now for me to try to find
      homes for all those items that I've accumulated over the year at various
      functions. If any of these belong to you (or someone you know), let me know
      and we can arrange a return to you soon. If I don't get takers (or at least
      a note) on these items by Jan. 6, I will either put them into my own
      collection or find other takers (or maybe I'll auction them off!). Here's my
      lost and found list:


      1-a pillow- tan with blue, red, and orange stripes and curves
      2-a roll of Xmas paper- gold and white checkerboard
      3-scissors and tape
      4-aromatic bath set and buffing towel-Terry, this goes with your vibrator...
      5-photo of men's team at PCCs, taken by Yori's camera
      6-ivory women's sweater-that Mojo dumped at my house, from her lost and
      7-green bag, large tupperware and spoon- Carol's; will you be at the Banks'
      8-margarita glass-Sean, this goes with your fuzzy orange slippers
      9-wire rimmed sunglasses


      10-ice cream scoop-black handle
      11-2 soup spoons
      12-white bowl (cereal size)- may be caterers
      13-white bowl (slightly larger)- may be caterers
      14- black o-ring- perhaps from a blender?
      15-clear bowl with wavy etched lines throughout
      16- stainless steel bowl


      17-lovely wooden ab pounding mallet with red handle

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