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7807Re: [clubpuck] best paint for sticks?

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  • Carol Rose
    May 3, 2010
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      uh huh ask Joey about spray paint in France in '94!!!

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          I don't spray anymore.  I have two small cans of black and white oil base paint that will probably still not be used up by the time I die.  I buy those small throw away brushes at OSH and paint the white sticks first because I don't want to clean the brush in between colors.  (Black wins in a paint war against white.)  So what if the first black stick I paint has some shades of grey in it. 

           Spraying might provide a better finish on the stick but I don't know if anyone would swear to it.  It sure is a lot more wasteful and and gets overspray all over the place.


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      Subject: [clubpuck] best paint for sticks?

      Anyone have any suggestions for the best spraypaint for painting sticks? I just got my first pair of wooden ones and I'm eager to try them out tommorow!

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