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7806Re: [clubpuck] best paint for sticks?

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  • Brigit
    May 3, 2010
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      It's been a few years since I had to get a first coat of paint on sticks, but I remember that if you put to much paint on or too many coats, it ends up peeling off too quickly.  So, the lesson is more is not necessarily better.  I'm sure there's lots of experts out there with much more exact directions.
      Good luck,

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          I don't spray anymore.  I have two small cans of black and white oil base paint that will probably still not be used up by the time I die.  I buy those small throw away brushes at OSH and paint the white sticks first because I don't want to clean the brush in between colors.  (Black wins in a paint war against white.)  So what if the first black stick I paint has some shades of grey in it. 

           Spraying might provide a better finish on the stick but I don't know if anyone would swear to it.  It sure is a lot more wasteful and and gets overspray all over the place.


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      Anyone have any suggestions for the best spraypaint for painting sticks? I just got my first pair of wooden ones and I'm eager to try them out tommorow!

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