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768Re: [clubpuck] Soliciting New Energy

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  • Gmau38732@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2000
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      I know that, in the past, my emails to the group as a "Co-Hole" have been long and somewhat winded so I promise to make this one short...

      As of late, my attendance at hocky has been less than stellar. Because of this, I feel that my "title" would more properly be as a "No-Hole" vs. a "Co-Hole". Our club deserves better. It is time for someone with some new energy to take the helm at Club Puck.

      Here is what I have done as a "Co-Hole":
      1) Supported, by putting a positive spin, on emails from fellow club member who have "fired off" on all us for various reasons.
      2) Made periodical announcements to the group as needed.
      3) Served as a reverberating sounding board to the "Other-Hole" when ever he shows us and decides to take control.

      Here are the "official duties":
      1) ?
      2) ?

      In all honesty, we've all managed to settle into a fairly comfortable routine that pretty much manages itself. The job isn't ALL that difficult but I think we could use a shake up in the routine.

      Anyone interested? The obvious selection would be Doug Roth (although I really haven't spoken to him about it yet). He's shown a little recent interest in doing it and I think he may feel that he "owes" us for some odd reason.

      Then all we have to do is to think of a catchy name... "Duck-Hole" comes to mind.

      Co-Hole #2

      PS. I haven't spoken to Co-Hole #1 about this either. You remember Co-Hole #1.... That's Uncle T! You remember Uncle T don't your? He's the guy that throws those great flings up in the "City" and who's been nursing a bum shoulder. T's disposition of his position is unknown.
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