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7647Fwd: [hockeynet:858] Tiles for POOL bottom, differential costs/Feasibility study

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  • Carol Rose
    Feb 1, 2010
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      and so, quoting the password on the San Diego hockey video: 'pucks work best on highly glazed tiles' 

      Carol Rose
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      Secretary The WAA

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      Sent: Mon, Feb 1, 2010 7:02 pm
      Subject: [hockeynet:858] Tiles for POOL bottom, differential costs/Feasibility study

      Seeking information that pertains to Tiles for a  Underwater Hockey
      pool building.  Sizes, differential costs from one tile size vs.
      another or
      types that are prefered by the UWH bottom playing
      My understanding is that bigger tiles are prefered which make for a
      speedy puck underwater??
      Please chime in and give me your input. ??
      This is for a prior post Feasibility Study, cost for creating a
      Underwater hockey freindly pool in Aurora CO.
      If you are familiar with pool company that I can send inquires please
      point them out,  The City of Aurora CO. Is doing a comparitive
      anaylisis for pool bottom. I am solicaiting the City  to build this
      bottom therefore I am being asked to help provide any appropriate
      I will post any input to the disscussion group unless you specify that
      you do not want that to happen.
      Hopefully you can help
      Jesse Cordova
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