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747Re: [clubpuck] October and November Hockey

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  • Scott Tucker
    Nov 2, 2000
      Hi Duck

      My mailbox orders email by the date received, this could cause a small issue reading hockeynet mails when I receive a response before the initial email, but this way I don't have the problem of an email popping up way back in the midst of month old emails.
      'course Karen probably could use the update.

      >>> duckroth@... 11/02/00 02:12PM >>>
      Hi Karen

      Your message said it was sent on Saturday, July 22. Is your
      computer clock off that much or is that something to do with your
      work/server. It makes your message go way back in the order of
      emails, mixed with the ones that have already been read. If you
      aren't getting responses, that may be the cause. Just thought I'd
      let you know.


      --- Karen D Hart <karenhart1@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone!
      > The monthly fee for October is $47.
      > The monthly fee for November is $39. There will not be hockey
      > practice
      > on Thursday (11/23) or Sunday (11/26).
      > Happy Hockey!
      > Karen
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