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7042Re: [clubpuck] Taz Windbreaker

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  • Wendy Okafuji
    Feb 2, 2009

      Hmm, is there an interest out there for "vintage" worlds jackets??  If so, I have several that I don’t really wear but can’t quite bring myself to pack off to Goodwill.


      Would anyone like any of these Wendy-sized, gently-used UWH worlds warmups:


      - 2006 Sheffield

      - 2000 Taz

      - South African (yellow/green/black) - not sure of the year

      - 1998 San Jose (jacket only – guess we went pantless that year)


      Let me know and I'll bring them to hockey.




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      I'll put it in my bag for you.  If some Johnny come lately shows up and wants it I'll let you two duke it out.


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      I'd love to have a Taz Windbreaker, if the real owner can't be found or doesn't want it anymore.


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      Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 02:31:40 -0500
      Subject: [clubpuck] Taz Windbreaker


            I found a 2000 Taz Worlds team dark blue windbreaker in our front closet.  It is too small for me so I think someone may have left it here.

           Any takers?


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