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  • Aleta Jamora
    Oct 3, 2008
      For PCC's Banquet

      Your meal choices are,

      Veggie Lasagna
      Meat Lasagna
      Chicken Cannelloni

      write back with how many banquet tickets you want, what your meal choices are, and if you want a beer bracelet.   I have to put the orders into the restaurant in a few days along with the beer order, tell me now what you want.

      Banquet coordinator

      On 10/1/08, Doug Roth <coachduck@...> wrote:

      On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 9:37 PM, Bob Burres <bob_burres@...> wrote:

      Is there any update on the PCC's? Have the teams been selected? Are you looking for
      volunteers to help prepare?

      Yes, sorta.

      I think we will be able to announce teams tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully tomorrow.

      We will need to collect money for entries, banquet, and beer deal. Make checks out to Club Puck. The amount will be coming shortly as it depends on the number of players on your team.

      Other things we will need is what you would like to eat. Check out the announcement that MoJo sent out a while back for details. Also we will have 30th Annniversary PCC's shirts available. I only ordered 100. No particular reason other than it seemed like a safe number to not loose too much money. Price will be $10 for 1, $25 for two. Hey, they're limited editions. Sizes are S, M, L, and XL. (very few smalls).

      During the tourney we will need volunteers to help keep the food table stocked and the Gatorade tub(s) filled. No one person will be doing it all. Instead, all will do a little.

      I know Uncle T is all over this since he was arranging the Camp-O-Rama but it would be good to get an early idea of which locals plan to go to Ocean Cove and when you plan to return. Some may need a ride up and a drop off at an airport (or feeder line to the airport) so if we have expected times back in SF or SJ people can plan their stay. For those unaware we will be camping and diving at Ocean Cove on Mon-Wed.


      Losing sucks, the alternative requires practice.

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