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6693Women in Hockey (cont) at the YMCA

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  • Sean R. Avent
    Sep 9 11:10 PM
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      And to continue the thread of women in hockey…. And add other news…


      Remember that the Presidio YMCA has allotted us another time slot on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 10pm!!!!!!


      We are reserving this spot currently for beginning players (generally those that haven’t attended a tournament) but also for YMCA members that may be up for a slower and smaller game (think skill development). I have thought about, and am still considering the idea of having a women’s night on one or two Wednesday nights per month, but we’d have to have regular full attendance by women to keep it. If you are a women interested in a women’s only night, let me know your level of interest and commitment. Right now though, it’s a co-ed beginner night and will be coached by men and women.


      Friday nights at the YMCA are being upgraded to an open night with a faster game.  Come one, come all!  Have fun and be sure to come early to soak in the hot tub before play.


      For those that are turned off by the $12 entry fee per night, consider becoming a YMCA member ($60 per month) so that you have full access to Wed and Fri night hockey and all the other YMCA benefits (spin classes, masters swimming, yoga, weights, etc.). Best hockey deal in the Bay Area!


      Any questions?  Give me a call at 415-377-2380.




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      On the other hand, it sounds as if lots of money/time/effort on tryouts can be saved if the 2010 team or teams are already selected. Which makes those women not stolen from their teams, but rather "already-reserved, " btw.


      Seriously though, the very point you make about the number of women playing is exactly why it's so tough to field a team that's played *together.* Bit awkward, really. For any all-women games to happen, we either have to play the piddling few games that offers, or play our mixed games AND the women's games. Depending on the tournament, that can be awesome or just exhausting. 


      There must be more women playing, because back in '92 we only needed TWO women in the water to play in the mixed division. Now it's 3. Not too shabby. It's progress!


      More importantly imnsho, info about this tourney "needing & seeking out women" as well as info about the whole tryout/selection process that appears to be more than a bit underway is not reaching uwh women as a whole. Not so critical if the targeted market segment is actually a subset of uwh women, but rather germane if either bit of messaging was supposed to reach and encourage all uwh women. 


      Most importantly (dare I say "mission-critical" ?), let's keep the encouragement of women in uwh as a priority. Wouldn't hurt to not  kvetch about a new idea for team play. I'm sure they've already weighed their options and made some tough choices. Maybe this new configuration' ll work, maybe it won't. Good to try something new now & then, right? 


      Bad feelings heading into a tournament aren't going to make anyone feel better.



      (sometimes mixed, sometimes just mixed up, but happy when in water)


      On Sep 9, 2008, at 6:57 PM, Joseph Grandov wrote:

      Looks like Ricardo has struck again. We're talking about someone who has only come to this tourney as a whore. Now he screws up another potential team from attending the ONLY Tourney In The Country that needs & seeks out women to participate. Yes, he has said that the women don't have to play on the Women's Whore Team, but he really doesn't give them many options if they want to play for USA . When we started the Mixed Division, almost 30yrs ago, (longer than Ricardo has been playing) it was to encourage the Club teams to promote more women in the game. We needed women players. And to have a tourney where the women were integral for any measure of success was revolutionary. The pool of women who play Hockey is still small, and to take away 12 of the potentially best from their teams is not what the founders of this Tourney had in mind. I know, cause I was there.


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      Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 17:35:08 -0400
      Subject: [clubpuck] Re: Will play for ...


          Let me refer this to the Club Puck community at large.  I am sure something will turn up.
        Keep me posted if anything changes with you team building efforts.




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      From: Keith Morgan < kmorgan@microsoft. com >
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      Subject: Will play for ...

      Ok, I was hoping to get a team together, and haven’t totally given up hope.  But as Ricardo is taking one of our best women players, and I was hoping to play in the mixed division, it’s looking bleak for pulling a team together. 


      I still want to go, so do you know any teams that are looking for a moderately skilled, reasonably in-shape back?


      Keith Morgan

      DFW UWH

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