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6597Re: [clubpuck] Tent to Borrow?

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  • rgray35711@aim.com
    Aug 1, 2008


          We've got a couple of tents that might serve you well.  I am in NJ now but we will be home late Saturday night.  Let me know if you still need one and we can fix you up with one.  I plan on being at hockey on Sunday.


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      Subject: [clubpuck] Tent to Borrow?

      Hi all,
      I'm heading to Burning Man end-month, and wondered if I can borrow a
      tent. It's a one-time event for my wife and I, and we don't really
      enjoy camping. So, I'd appreciate it if someone can lend me a tent
      and save me some cash. After all, Burning Man tickets are not cheap.

      Please email me directly - david.quiec@ gmail.com so we don't clog up
      the bandwidth.

      - David
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