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5885RE: [clubpuck] PCC's Entry needs to be confirmed

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  • Madeleine Rive
    Aug 2, 2007

      Lyndon and I are out J

      I am running the Chicago marathon – bummer!  (We really want to go! We did not know it is the same weekend)

      Have fun!



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      San Diego is looking for how many teams we can commit to PCC's. So if you want in you need to say something now. Later might be too late. And no, I don't know the cutoff date because as people want in or drop out it will change. First come first served for locals, and as we get closer then Puckers on Hiatus and out of towners will get added. I would think if we get enough that we will go with an open and a mixed.

      So far we have listed as in for PCC's October 5-7 in San Diego

      I'm ins:
      Yori Huynh
      Aleta Jamora
      Joe Grandov
      David Quiec
      Mike Grimm
      Josh Nickle
      Andy Robinson
      Scott Semens
      Matt Dakin
      Dimitri Desmidt
      Wendy Okafuji
      Doug Roth
      Mary Jo Ferris Fischer MoJo Fish

      Maybes and/or I thinks
      Jen Smith
      Rebecca Semens
      Brigit Grimm

      Out of Towners looking
      Dany Lopez (Conn)

      So that's 13 committed, 3 maybes and 1 BORGlette. 17 possible are in. Any others??? I'll say something at practice but I need to get an email as a reminder to add you to the list. That's how I roll these days.


      Losing sucks, the alternative requires practice.

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