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  • CROSEUSOA@aol.com
    Nov 3, 2006

      In a message dated 2/11/06 2:53:22 PM, h2ohockeychick@... writes:

      That's interesting, because on the DFG website in the link that I sent, it clearly states that the number of 2 million pounds of abalone taken in No. California is unsustainable.  Not including how much ab is being poached, the legal amount of ab being taken is too much.  Or am I reading it wrong?

      abalone is a complicated picture, and I am not about to try to explaiin it here. the number of abs taken, the stats, are open to question as most based on unreal numbers. Recruitment also is a complicating factor, etc......... and I haven't looked at DFG website.


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