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  • Renata
    Nov 2, 2006
      Hey there;
      I passed the info on about the abalone petition to a friend. He, not
      being one to sign something "just 'cuz", compiled this info.

      Now that you've all signed the petition....... here's some more info.
      His conclusion may be different than yours, but it's something to chew
      on. Check it out.

      Carol, I'm curious to hear how this compares to what you know?


      p.s. yes, this info is from Dunkin'

      Subject: Re: abalone
      Date: November 1, 2006 11:04:26 PM PST

      More information i have found:

      From: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/MRD/ab_info.html

      "The estimated total take from punch cards was 728,000 abalone over
      202,000 days of fishing; this number represents over 2 million pounds
      of abalone which is too high to be sustainable. "

      This is only an estimate based on legal diving - not poaching, and not
      including an unknown - unstudied - death rate of injured undersized but
      returned animals.

      US Fish and game thinks that illegal take is only 12%. I think they
      are probably not in a position to really estimate this.

      My conclusion is that there should be a total ban on abalone -
      commercial and sport for probably decades - while the population is
      studied, husbanded and can get some chance to recover.

      Abalone can be farmed. This seems smarter. see:

      The national park service - or at least this guy - thinks that a ban is
      not enough. Active husbandry is needed for many species to survive,
      let alone recover.


      While abs are tasty - they are a very minor commercial item, except as
      a scarce delicacy. We are talking less than 1000 tons possible (yet
      unsustainable) harvest. For perspective, the last tug run I went on
      brought back nearly 90,000 tons of salmon from Alaska on one barge -
      and this is a slow year. There is just no excuse to be harvesting this
      animal until it recovers from the screwups of the 60s-70s.

      my $.02


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