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3543Re: [clubpuck] Fw: [Hockeynet] How not to treat a rookie

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  • Chadd, Helen
    Feb 3, 2005
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      I need new gloves too (black and white) do you carry different sizes?

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      From: Brigit <hockeybrigit@...>
      To: Club Puck <clubpuck@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sat Jan 29 12:17:42 2005
      Subject: [clubpuck] Fw: [Hockeynet] How not to treat a rookie

      I thought I would forward my own message to Club Puck to see what you think.

      Comments? Any spare gloves out there that we can make red? Or I'll buy a
      couple of new ones. T, I need a couple of gloves anyway-- are you still
      carrying? If so, are you going to show up at hockey in the next few months,
      Superbowl, or can you send some down to hockey soon? There is a tournament
      coming up and maybe you can sell a few more too.


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      From: "Brigit" <hockeybrigit@...>
      To: <underwater-hockey@...>
      Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 9:46 AM
      Subject: Re: [Hockeynet] How not to treat a rookie

      >I agree with Shawn. There aren't so many rookies in most club's pools that
      >your whole game has to go to pot. I suggest a red glove given just to
      >newbies and the task for your experienced players is to develop yet another
      >skill of control. When you see a red glove in the play, back off in that
      >split second so you don't slam them or their stick hand. It's a skill.
      >When the newbie turns into a rookie ( after a few practices and development
      >of a few skills and a little speed), maybe they get a red-striped glove and
      >you then are allowed to make a few EXTREMELY CLEAN (yet another new skill)
      >moves on them. When they are hooked on the game, then you can teach them a
      >few of those special skills you all have.
      > By the way, at least in this neck of the woods, I often see the
      > experienced players take the opportunity to go up for a few extra breaths
      > while the new player has the puck, left all alone to try to make it to the
      > goal by themselves. How about another task for you pros. Send MORE
      > people down so your rookie sees lots of options to past to.
      > One more thing, while I'm on a roll. When a rookie makes a goal and
      > everyone congratulates them ( which is good), why do we make that person
      > set the puck? They are already ready to pass out from all that effort!
      > Be a gentleman or woman and help them out resetting the puck. When they
      > are more fit, they'll take on the task, gladly, I'm sure.
      > Brigit
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      > From: "Shawn Tucker" <tuckersh@...>
      > To: <underwater-hockey@...>
      > Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 9:20 AM
      > Subject: Re: [Hockeynet] How not to treat a rookie
      >> If you can't stand slowing down and not bashing a rookie, then you've got
      >> issues. Frankly if they're not able to control themselves and find
      >> another sport, they're going to have issues no matter where they go.
      >> There aren't rookies in the water every week (god I wish there could be,
      >> that'd grow the sport) so it just means once a month or so practicing on
      >> breath holding and passes, and "playing with your food." Feed them a
      >> couple passes, get them hooked, then you can run over them like a bull.
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      >> From: "Greg Fitzgerald" <garious@...>
      >> To: <underwater-hockey@...>
      >> Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 9:08 AM
      >> Subject: Re: [Hockeynet] How not to treat a rookie
      >>> It's easy to see how an ultra-competitive person would scare off
      >>> someone just starting who is just there for a little fun and a
      >>> workout. But on the flip side, putting rules in place to slow down
      >>> the pace of the game for every new player that comes along will surely
      >>> cause the more competitive types to find a new sport.
      >>> Instead of making rules, a club can just allocate a certain time of
      >>> the year where one practice a week is dedicated to bringing in rookies
      >>> and teaching them to play. Veterans would be allowed to attend these
      >>> practices but under the assumption that they are there to teach and
      >>> will have to play at 25%.
      >>> -Greg
      >>> On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 08:43:47 -0500, David <snook01@...> wrote:
      >>>> Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story. Our club did
      >>>> initiate a rule, but it gets violated way too much. There are
      >>>> players that feel that they are just so competitive that they
      >>>> can not help but go all out all the time. My personal feeling
      >>>> is that this is a manifestation of a selfish playing attitude.
      >>>> Comments?
      >>>> David Andrews
      >>>> West Palm Beach, Florida
      >>>> http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-pbuh
      >>>> ----- Original Message -----
      >>>> From: Helen Chadd
      >>>> > Just thought I'd forward to you a message I received
      >>>> > from a friend of mine who took the plunge and went
      >>>> > to try UWhockey for the first time (after hearing me
      >>>> > rage on about it). I'm not sure where he went to
      >>>> > play, but if experiences like this occur at our
      >>>> > clubs it is no wonder we can't build up interest. By
      >>>> > the way he is a very athletic person and certainly
      >>>> > no wimp.
      >>>> >
      >>>> > "A quick story: I played underwater hockey for the
      >>>> > first, and last, time before
      >>>> >
      >>>> > Christmas. A friend took me to a game, handed me a
      >>>> > mask that didn't fit and
      >>>> >
      >>>> > a snorkel with no valve and said "start playing,
      >>>> > you'll figure it out as you
      >>>> >
      >>>> > go along". Nobody told me that the puck was lead and
      >>>> > people push right
      >>>> >
      >>>> > through you when you go to challenge them. Turned my
      >>>> > wrist so hard I
      >>>> >
      >>>> > thought for sure I broke it. Still not sure that I
      >>>> > didn't break it. That
      >>>> >
      >>>> > sent me out of the pool real quick. It was not a fun
      >>>> > day, and I haven't
      >>>> >
      >>>> > played basketball for over a month. Helen, I'm glad
      >>>> > you like that sport,
      >>>> >
      >>>> > but it's not a game for wimps like me."
      >>>> >
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