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346[clubpuck] February Hockey Fees and account update

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  • Karen D Hart
    Jan 31, 2000
      Hi everyone!

      We will be playing all of our regular days in February. The monthly fee
      will be $47.

      The hockey account is somewhere around $6,500. It was approximately
      around $4,000 when I took over the account from Rich. Ok...your probably
      wondering about this "approximately" stuff. Well, here is the status of
      the account: there is $7,000 in an account, but there is some money and
      checks that I have not deposited yet, and there are some people who still
      owe money. Also, I have collected money for the month of January, but we
      have not paid the bill of $1287.75 yet. The January bill is probably
      higher than the amount of money that people still owe and the amount of
      the money that has not been deposited yet, so the account is probably
      somewhere between $6,000 and $7,000.

      The amount of money that we save varies from month to month. We pay the
      pool per lane per hour (6 lanes per playing area). The more subs we
      have, the more money we save. If we have approximately 6 on 6 in one
      playing area, we pretty much break even. In January we saved
      approximately $200.

      As far as the replacing the Sport Court...this is not part of my job
      description. I just collect the money and pay the bills. The only bills
      that I pay are 1) pool fees, 2) insurance fees, 3) pucks, 4) Sport
      Court repair fees (Right now this consists of not charging the people
      (John G., Miles, & Rich) for hockey on the nights that they work on the
      bottom). By the way, I would like to thank John Goodrich, Miles, and
      Rich for all of the time that they have dedicated to fixing the bottom.
      They have spent the entire workout period (1 hour), on many occasions,
      fixing the bottom. Sometimes they have even worked through hockey
      practice. If there is anyone else who is willing to sacrifice there
      work out and warm up time, I'm sure that John, Miles, Rich, and the rest
      of the club would appreciate your help (plus you would save $5).

      I will hold the money in the account until the club decides to replace
      the Sport Court, or decides to spend the money some other way (I'm sure
      that we could throw a great party with $6,500 - HA HA HA). I'm not sure
      how much it would cost to replace each court, but I am pretty sure that
      we don't have enough money (including the money Carol mentioned), to do a
      full replacement of one playing area yet.

      Well, that is the account summary.



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