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237[clubpuck] Christmas Party - Date Decided

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  • Andrea Arenovski
    Dec 1, 1999
      Hi Everyone,
      Well, we've decided to host the party on Christmas Eve, December 24th (Friday) as we did last year.  I know a number of you will not be able to join us, and you will be sorely missed!  For all those who can join us please arrive anytime after 7pm.  If you'd like to bring a food or drink item for everyone's consumption and enjoyment please feel free to.  If you want to coordinate with me on food and drink, please call us or email Ang at aarenovski@...
      Steve and I will once again slave for hours to prepare another killer batch of eggnog, and Wendy has promised to provide us with another most tasty batch of mulled wine.  Other food will include scallop casserole, pork tenderloin, spanakopita, and possibly some Christmas pudding c/o Caroline and friends.  Deserts would be welcome, as would be other beverages (non alcoholic or alcoholic okay!), or any food item you like.
      We'll plan on doing the gift exchange game similar to the one at the Grimm's last year.  We'll come up with a theme soon and let everyone know asap.  If you're a starving student, no worries, just show up, you can watch the Grinch while we play the game, or entertain us with a Christmas carol if you like!  No one need be left out.  There is fun to be had by all! 
      I'll leave the possibility of live music a mystery right now, mainly because right now it is a mystery to me!
      Come one, Come all.  Directions and parking options will follow.
      Ang and Steve 
      Andrea L. Arenovski, Ph.D.
      Environmental Scientist
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