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181[clubpuck] pool sharing

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  • KendallCTV@aol.com
    Nov 1, 1999
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      Hey all,

      Here's the latest on where we fit in the pool sharing scheme at SJSU:

      During our workout/warmup time on Tuesdays and Thurdays from 7:00-8:00PM,
      there may be any or all of the following activities going on in the pool

      lap swim
      water polo
      fin swimming
      hockey workout

      In general, we need to be as considerate of the other groups and as flexible
      as possible. By helping to make this multi-use of the pool work we are
      helping Caryn keep our rental rates as reasonable as they are.

      Specifically, if both waterpolo *and* syncro are present we need to share the
      lap swim area for our workout/warmup. If only water polo *or* syncro are
      there we can use the same area as we have been(the few lanes adjacent to the
      lap swim area towards the deep). Either way, the others have as much right to
      be there as we do.

      All except for the fin swimmers and hockey are scheduled to be done at 8:00
      but please continue to be considerate of others if they are still there at
      8:05. It is to our advantage to work *with* the other groups.

      On Sundays lap swim goes until 4PM but there may be other activities
      scheduled too. Be aware.

      Our other obligations remain essentially unchanged:

      Put all the lane lines back and TIGHTEN THEM.

      No matter if we use one or two playing areas we must pull the covers over
      both. We don't need to pull covers over the rest of the pool.

      If the lifeguard/pool supervisor specifically asks us to do something
      different or special we should, within reason, comply.