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1597Re: [clubpuck] The Wedding, part Deux... the actual event

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    Apr 1, 2002
      Who Me?
      Naw, I'm still in IN. Hope to be home 06 May, me and
      my all 35 extra pounds.

      --- Terry Sutton <terrysutton@...> wrote:
      > Sent it to Club Puck list, but here it is again. Is
      > Peter back home?
      > --T
      > part 2 was hilarious, didn't see part one, was I
      > off distribution
      > c
      > PS ma was very moved that you called her, thank
      > you.
      > At 12:45 AM 3/10/02 -0800, you wrote:
      > Let's cut to the chase-the deed is done.
      > Alright, I suppose that's not a very exciting
      > tale, so I guess I must give
      > you some details.
      > Saturday morning we get up and mill around, and
      > it appears that this whole
      > wedding operation is on hockey time. The event
      > is supposed to start at the
      > town hall at 2pm. Tanja, as the official
      > photographer, & I, as the official
      > music provider, head to the place around 1:45.
      > Meanwhile, someone is
      > notifying Denise that the wedding is NOT at
      > 2:30, and no one knows where
      > Johnnie V is, which is fair, since he doesn't
      > know where the town hall is.
      > Somehow the group arrives at the town hall a few
      > minutes after 2, and Dave,
      > driving the official wedding chariot (I think
      > it's a Citroen), pulls right
      > up to the door of the town hall. Which is a
      > good thing, 'cause it means we
      > don't have to tell Wanda to avoid stepping in
      > the dog turd which is now
      > under the car.
      > The folks are lined up, and the mayor gives me a
      > super-serious glare, which
      > I interpret to mean "shut the goddamn music off,
      > I wanna talk and then get
      > in 18 holes this afternoon". So we start off
      > with Friso giving a short
      > speech in English, which was much appreciated,
      > as it was the last English we
      > would hear for a while. The mayor then
      > proceeded to say things in French,
      > and then stare at Mark or Wanda until they said
      > "Oui, I do, whatever". OK,
      > I exaggerate. Actually, Denise was repeating in
      > English what the mayor said
      > in French, or some approximation thereof. I'm
      > not sure that was a good
      > thing. There was Article 212, in which the
      > party of the first part agrees
      > to marry the party of the second part and to
      > share all property, unless
      > otherwise agreed notwithstanding the prior
      > claims of parties not yet
      > referred to. And then there was Article 213, in
      > which each party agrees
      > that they are not currently married to anyone
      > else (I think this is supposed
      > to take care of the prior claims thing from
      > Article 212). And then they
      > give a short history of where each party was
      > born, what they and their
      > parents did or didn't do, where their parents
      > were born, where the witnesses
      > were born, and then some more legal mumbo jumbo.
      > I tell ya, these French
      > are tres romantic!
      > When the ceremony was over, and the mayor glared
      > at us until we cleared out
      > of the town hall (don't wanna pay that janitor
      > overtime!), we went back to
      > the farmhouse for the real fun. The previously
      > mentioned crew had a couple
      > hours of toasting, champagning, and general
      > merrymaking before the rest of
      > the village arrived. Then the onslaught came.
      > At first it was a bit
      > disconcerting, greeting all of the people who
      > seemed quite nice, if only we
      > spoke the same language. After a while, or at
      > least after a few drinks, we
      > discovered that it really didn't matter what
      > language we were speaking, as
      > long as the wine was flowing. And the buffet
      > which had been prepared by
      > Aggie, Tanja, Wanda, and anyone else who had
      > culinary talent, was fantastic-
      > ham, turkey, smoked salmon, quiche, and lots of
      > things I couldn't identify;
      > a true country banquet. It was a fine
      > gathering, and everyone had a good
      > time.
      > Then around 8:00 all the villagers left and we
      > were back to our base crew,
      > plus Stephan & his father Jean-Claude (both
      > famous from City hockey), who
      > staged a mock fisticuff battle which amused
      > everyone (I supposed that's the
      > burden which goes along with being named
      > Jean-Claude). Then we got down to
      > serious dancing, partying, and further
      > merrymaking. People got out of their
      > formal attire and relaxed a bit. Wanda danced
      > with Markie, Aggie danced with
      > Friso, Fransien danced with Hans, and Stephan
      > danced with anyone who would
      > let him. Basje (the balldog) showed us that
      > fetching a cork was as much fun
      > as fetching a ball, over, and over, and over,
      > and over. Lupus (Hans &
      > Fransien's dog) showed us that he could stare
      > all night. Stevie C showed us
      > the proper way to do the Rock Lobster. Tanja
      > showed us how to drink a lot
      > of rumbos, and before the night was over showed
      > us how to dress like Uncle
      > T. All had fun.
      > Tomorrow-storming the next castle!
      > --Oom T
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