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1299Re: [clubpuck] Skills set between games

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  • ms
    Nov 1, 2001
      Yes. How about using that time before play begins? We
      did it in West Palm and slackers who show up late or
      are uninterested in improving their skills just miss
      it. It's good warm up for wrists etc. Taking that
      break between games lets me cool down too much [yeah,
      yeah, big surprise].


      --- KendallCTV@... wrote:
      > I think it's a good idea. Maybe on Sundays?
      > We each pay extra for an extra half hour of
      > scrimmage on Sundays that we really don't use
      > because we don't get started on time. If we started
      > on time (4:30) then we could get in 15-20 minutes of
      > skills in the middle and still scrimmage for an hour
      > and a half. For that matter we could pick up teams
      > at 4:00 instead of 4:30 as that is when lap swim is
      > over. I can't remember why we do it the way we do.
      > Anybody that wanted to workout before that could
      > work in with the lap swimmers whenever they felt
      > like starting.
      > Thoughts?

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