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1297Re: [clubpuck] Skills set between games

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  • Chris McDowell
    Nov 1, 2001
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      I'm completely behind skill sets. Last Tuesday's play was
      frustrating, at best, on our side...and probably downright boring on
      the other side. Let's at least try to give each other a good
      scrimmage, even if it doesn't mean you're trying out for World's.

      My suggestions follow for skill set design ideas:

      * Proper passes and avoidance of "Square" Passes
      * REPEATS! (surfacing quickly and returning toward/into play)
      * Following every shot up...under water.
      * Proper player position with different formations: 2:3:1, 3:3, etc.
      * Player responsibilities: Forwards/Backs -- where to be at any
      given time?
      * Flood the Goal -- how about more than one person trying to score?

      Hope this is food for thought,

      --C. Clavin


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