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10998Re: [clubpuck] Wrap-up and an "idea".........

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  • Rich Gray
    Aug 1, 2014
      Actually the clay tablets hold up quite well as long as they are not dropped.  I don't think you guys owe anything, and if you do I'd pay it to get you back, hope all is well and hope we can see you in the future.  So don't worry about it.


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      Hey Rich;

      I assume the Lewis-Drozda family has dropped into the mists of time, but just a question:

      How many dollars are owed in total?  Are we really talking hours of your time with piles of moldering paper, papyrus, parchment and stone tablets for a few hundred dollars?

      Craig V.W. Lewis
      Itinerant Oceanographer
      Lerici, Italy
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