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10987RE: [clubpuck] Wrap-up and an "idea".........

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  • duke21974
    Jul 31, 2014
      It's sure swell to know I'm first at something in hockey and to think i haven't really played here in the last three months this ranks right up there with leading the team in penalty minutes at world's with the fewest minutes played...I digress thanks Rich I'm glad I'm still number one.

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      From: "Rich Gray RGray35711@... [clubpuck]"
      Date:07/31/2014 12:27 PM (GMT-08:00)
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      Subject: [clubpuck] Wrap-up and an "idea".........


      Sorry, nothing funny.............. it's too hot to be funny........... well maybe mildly humorous would work.

      We had a perfect hockey square last night 6 on 6.  It was warm, both in the water and on the deck.

      It was one of those nights where everybody felt they did pretty well, no arguments, and afterwards people were loathe to go home too quickly because it was fun to just hang for a while.

      We had a new guy named Cyrus (Cylus?) last night.  That guy was a natural, good speed underwater, did not try to swim with his hands like so many newcomers do (like I still do).

      I hardly had any leg cramps last night.  Is that a function of the warm water i.e. too lazy to work hard enough to make my legs cramp.

      Hey I've got an idea, we could do a show!  Johnny's Dad has a barn we can use and it would be great...........

      No, wait ... that was a Judy Garland/Andy Rooney movie.

      I've got another idea!  The hockey finances are stable at the moment and we have been getting good turnouts.  Let's try this:

      Once you pay up any outstanding balance that you have, all hockey at LGHS will be $5.00 per car.  If you continue to add to your balance you will accrue at $10 per session.  This way I can get people to pay up their outstanding balances and encourage car pooling.  Also for people for whom $10.00 and a long drive might dissuade them from hockey, maybe $5.00 and a long drive with a car full of hockey idiots would be more palatable.  Let's try it and see what happens. 

       If we start riding the freight train to financial insolvency we can modify the policy.

      Also try hard to step out of character and not be a bunch of dicks by trying to game the system i.e. park at the 7/11 and then jam 20 people into a Ford Pinto or whatever.  This is a good deal and the hockey has been great, let's keep it going!

      (For those of you who are offended by the term "hockey idiots" first of all please "Grow a Pair and Deal with it" and secondly realize that I count myself among you.)

      (For those of you who are offended by the term "bunch of dicks" please watch 22 Jump Street and anything outrageous that I write will pale in comparison.)

      That's How Goze goes,


      Here is the list from the aluminum box of shame.  If you feel there is a mistake (as if Goze EVER makes mistakes)  please schedule an appointment with the team CFO and we can go over the records.  Plus means you owe, minus means you've got money in the hockey bank.


      Ben Phipps8.5
      Bob Burres-1
      Brigit Grimm9.5
      Carlos Jaramillo10.5
      Carolyn Erdman5
      Casey Nakamura5.5
      Chris Schultz0
      Dave Mcgaughy13
      David Quiec-15
      Jen Wu0.5
      Jennifer Smith14.5
      John Roelofs2
      Karl Nordhoff0
      Ken Kelsen13
      Lyndon Rive5
      Maddy Rive3.5
      Martin V10.5
      Mike Grimm-1
      Mike Hurtado0.5
      Mike Smith1
      Miles Ho6.5
      Oren Levy-3
      Rhett Perkins18.5
      Rich Gray-2
      Rob Hennesey15.5
      Terry Sutton3
      Wendy Okafuji3
      Yori Huynh0

      Amy Canon4
      Curtis Lomax2
      Dean Dibble1
      Derek Dunlap-2
      Elaine Willoughby2
      Greg Appling4
      Helen Chadd2
      John / Chopper3.5
      John Fischer-0.5
      John Goodrich1
      John Pollard-4
      John Wagner1
      Josh Nickel1.5
      Karen McDowell1
      Mark Voelker1
      Mary Jo Ferris-2.5
      Matt Blair2.5
      Nick (SF)1
      Pete Taylor-1
      Rob Harvey1
      Rob Pearson3
      Roxanne Rust-2
      Scott Semans2.5
      Scott Tucker1
      Steve Shephard1

      Aaron Robinson11.5
      Aleta Jamora1
      Duy Vo-13.5
      Mike Torchia4
      Leah 1
      Eric Clapper6
      Philip Cinq Mers0
      Maria R Blanchet2
      Wanda 1
      Eric G3

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