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10949Save The Date To Celebrate

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  • Joseph Grandov
    Jul 10, 2014
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      TO ALL

      We're gonna have a Party,  You want to save the Date.
      I'll be turnin 60,  You know this will be Great.

      Labor Day Weekend,  Will be lot of Fun.
      Put it on your Calendar,  You really wanna Come.

      My birthday's Friday the 29th,  That's when we start the Party.
      There'll be dancing, drinks, food & things,  So please don't be too Tardy.

      Saturday , We will continue,  With at least a Bar B Que.
      We will be going all day long,  Regardless the Venue.

      Sunday, Well that's Star Wars Day,  With the Giants at their Park.
      We should be starting Early,  But plan to stay till after Dark.

      So I say again Please Save The Date,  Since now you know the Plan.
      But I need to know what you're gonna do,  So I have enuf stuff on Hand.

      I know that some of you will be out of Town,  Or just live too far Away
      But you can still have a drink and Party,  on this Festive Day.

      Now send a Photo, a Facebook or an Email,  Just to let me Know
      How did you Celebrate, for your old friend Joe.

      PS Giants tickets are going fast. To get a group rate we need to buy 15 tickets @ $65.00 ea. This gets you a R2-D2 beanie & T-shirt for the first 20,000 fans. Otherwise I'm looking at Bleachers. Let me know.

      PSS More details to follow