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10808Re: [clubpuck] Who made your goals?

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  • rfullerfam
    May 13, 2014
      Gee, upwards of $2K per goal seems kind of steep to me. The San Jose goals were procured by Joeysan when he worked at Diamond Tool and Sean is correct, they were a separate trough attached to the Sport Court with a back wall attached to the PVC fold-down wall. We put the Sport Court into the pool in 1997 for the Nationals, only one playing area had the walls ready then. I don't remember for sure, but I think we had those goals before 1997 over at Ohlone and cut them for SJSU. I guess they were welded back together after the Sport Court was removed. Before that at Ohlone we had plain steel walls and goals that were painted yellow, very heavy, we only used the walls for tournaments. How about making them out of PVC sheet, attach the back to the trough with SS or brass angle irons? 1.5 inch thick sheet could be cut like a scarf to make the ramps, half inch sheet for the back and bottom of the trough. The plastic shops have glues, and can weld the stuff as well. Would be pretty cheap I think, and a lot easier to handle than metal. Or a good goal could be used to make a mold which could then be used to make any number of new goals out of fiberglass. - Roger

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      Thank you Rhett - Our experience with aluminum has been not very good, but maybe ours are too thin. They bend a lot. Rhett, do you know the ball park pricing for your aluminum goals? Gauge?

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      San Jose state goals are heavy and made out of stainless steel!  The goals currently being used at Los Gatos are aluminium and I had them made by a shop that Steve Kars provided and had them shipped here. Every one can thank Lyndon for his generosity as he foot the bill for them.

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      You have to ask either John Fischer or maybe Roger Fuller. Maybe Joeysan knows too. They were made around 1998 for the world champs in San Jose. They were cut to fold down with the walls at SJSU, but have since been re~welded ok into one piece.


      On May 13, 2014 3:49 PM, "Renaud renaud-clubpuck@... [clubpuck]" < clubpuck@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Who made the goals used in Los Gatos? They're really nice! Light and sturdy.

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