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10784What a great night of hockey!

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  • Bob Burres
    May 1 11:31 AM
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      The stars aligned and the weather was warm, a perfect night for hockey.

      First, we had a good crowd that showed up on time and I think we were playing by 8:15 to 8:20.  Thanks to everyone who hustled into the pool.

      While getting geared up David asked Goze to let him have Ben on his team.  WTF?  Goze was feeling spunky, or perhaps he had been drinking, but he agreed.  Now the trick was how to balance out that match up with 2 teams of six.  Goze did a fine job of constructing two evenly matched team in spite of his inebriated state.

      Well the games were fast and furious, with long points and lots of back and forth.  Black (with David and Ben) started off strong, but white quickly came back and the score stayed close from there on....until Oren showed up.  We're all thinking, "What are we going to do with Oren?  The teams are near perfectly balanced."  Well, Oren jumped on to the white side ready to play.  David suggested that white keep Oren and we take Ron from white and play him as a seventh.  Everyone plays and no subs.  Lo and behold, the match up was still well balanced.  How did that happen?

      After the game we realized why the teams remained balanced after Oren joined, the white team didn't know what formation they were playing.  Evidently, someone bribed Canadian Dave and he threw the match by playing in random positions for the second half the night.  In spite of Dave's best efforts, we ended the night tied.

      So who exactly enjoyed this wonderful night of hockey?  If you really wanted to know you should have shown up.