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10624Re: [clubpuck] Dues are due

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  • Carol Rose
    Feb 3, 2014
      I am paid and waived!

      Carol Rose
      President USOA

      53C Appian Way, South San Francisco CA 94080 USA
      650 583 8492 land line - preferred contact
      650 583 6184 fax
      650 224 8353 cell - lives mainly in car unless I am traveling

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      Sent: Mon, Feb 3, 2014 4:04 pm
      Subject: [clubpuck] Dues are due

      Hey EVERYONE,
      It's that time of year to renew (or sign up for the first time) your USoA dues and waiver.  Anyone playing at Club Puck (and/or San Francisco) is expected to take care of this each year.  Dues are $40 a year.  If you've every signed up for an exercise program or gym, you know this is a fabulous deal.  We used to collect all this at the pool, but now you can do it all online, including the waiver!!!  This needs to be done whether you ever go to a tournament or not.

      To join or renew and sign the waiver, go to https://www.usauwh.com/member/index.php

      Why do you need to join? Aside from being a mandatory requirement to participate in official tournaments, these organizations promote hockey, provide  insurance, and take care of a lot of other background support. Read all about it here: https://www.usauwh.com/member/whyjoin.php 

      Remember that you only need to take care of this once a year (and it covers any hockey you play in the US), so why not just take care of it right now?!!
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