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  • Rich Gray
    Jan 31 12:51 PM

           All good questions.  We have the pool from 10am to 1pm this Sunday i.e.  normal 1st Sunday of the month hockey time (at least as far as I can remember....... I just called Brigit for confirmation.......... I've been a bit out of the loop for several weeks).

           The price is as close to free as is possible in a society such as ours that glorifies "free enterprise".  That means $5.00 per car no matter how many you put in the car.

           I don't even know where to start on the 49ers issue.  I leave town for a few weeks and when I come back it seems we are living in some sort of alternative reality.  Can't I trust you people to do anything!!!??


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      Mr. Gozarian,
      You must've not been at a practice for a while, if you're allowing your clock to be cleaned by some furriner who hasn't played in 20 years.  Or maybe it's part of your "lull them into complacency" approach before you come down on them with a vengence.  Be sure all the new folks with funny names (who names someone "Theo"?) know about the extracurricular hockey activities, like Party Dan's Super Bowl bash Sunday.  We need their contributions to the supposedly random score assignments that somehow always wind up being won by Joey San and the Gozettes.
      So what time is hockey this Sunday?  And how much does it cost for a carload of players?  And most importantly, how the f**k did the Hockey God's Seapigeons wind up in Sunday's football game instead of the 49ers?

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      Subject: [clubpuck] Wednesday Wrap

      After a multi-week hiatus from God's sport Goze has returned and he has something to say...... mostly in the third person.

      1) Hockey is fun.  Goze sort of forgot how fun it is.  There were 9 stalwarts tonight.  It was pleasant on deck and in the water.  Hot water in the showers.

      2) We have been lucky to be joined by Theo, from South Africa, for the last two practices.  This is not the Theo of "Theo and Cynthia" from Maxim.  However, this Theo does know about the other Theo.  (The other Theo was the Theo who was always building his own airplanes and flying them around the world.)  Well, our Theo just moved to Saratoga and he is one heck of a hockey player.  He coming back to the sport after a 20 year rest.   Welcome Theo.  He must have been one scary son of a gun 20 years ago if he can play like he does now after such a long break!

      3) It seems there are only a few different names available to South African men, Theo, Lyndon, and Meschi............... and they all know each other vaguely, and they all have some association with UWH........ cool.

      4) Favorite quotes from tonight:

              a) David "Mozart" Q. - "It's a goal!  I heard it hit the back of the goal."  (Implying of course that there was, unfortunately, no visual confirmation.  Classic.)

              b) Theo - "Kicking is an honorable goal" (Heard 75% of the way through the game when legs started to cramp and refuse the commands of their masters.) 

      5) Ken provided a large tin of Danish butter cookies that were made by the "Kelsen" company......

      6) I was all set to make a request to the administration for early hockey this Sunday when alert UWH player and fact checker, Bob Burres, pointed out the fact that this Sunday IS the first Sunday of the month so we will be playing early anyway!  Nice catch Bob.  Goze is a little fuzzy at the moment and needs all the support he can get.

      And That's How Goze goes,


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