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10615[sfuwh] and [cpuwh] Fw: Lodging request from Melinda from Phoenix

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  • Michael Smith
    Jan 30, 2014
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      Hey locals,

      If any a yous guys can open your home to put up the Phoenix gang, please email her directly,  Melinda Paiva mverbrigghe@... and CC me.   PLEASE be sure to not CC the whole group.

      Sorry in advance for all the potluck emails.  I'll try to keep the number down.

      On Thursday, January 30, 2014 7:34 AM, Melinda Paiva <mverbrigghe@...> wrote:

      I sent a message through the registration website and it gave me a quick error so I'm not sure that it went through.  Anyway, I am writing because I'll be coming from the Phoenix team with Ruth and Tracy and possibly one or two others.  I was wondering if there were any accommodations that you or your team could either provide or recommend that would be cheap and close to the action and that would hold us together.  We are flying in on Friday evening around 6 and and leaving on Sunday evening.  Thanks for any help you can provide and see you in the water!