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10568Fwd: Re: Information about Underwater Hockey

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  • Brigit Grimm
    Dec 31, 2013

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      Subject:Re: Information about Underwater Hockey
      Date:Tue, 31 Dec 2013 11:07:31 -0800
      From:Brigit Grimm UWH <hockeybrigit2010@...>
      To:Maeva Leitwein <maeva.leitwein@...>, Club Puck <clubpuck@yahoogroups.com>

      Hi Maeva,
      Welcome to California!  We'd love for you to join us playing hockey.  We 
      have a couple of club members who live in the Santa Cruz area, so 
      hopefully we can get a carpool worked out for you.  Do you know where 
      you'll be living in Santa Cruz?
      We have a fee of $10 per practice and we play Wednesdays and Sundays.  
      When will you arrive?
      We do have some basic fins we can loan you for a short time, but perhaps 
      we can find you a more suitable pair from our members.  What size do you 
      I look forward to meeting you soon,
      On 12/25/2013 10:10 AM, Maeva Leitwein wrote: > > Hi, > > I'm Maeva, 22 years old French student. I am coming to Santa Cruz from > January to June 2014. > > Here in France I practice Underwater hockey since 2011, I'm team > girl's captain at Brest. > > And I would love to continue to play here in Santa Cruz! > > I'll not have car, so do you have member who live in Santa Cruz? Then > we could carshare to go to the training. > > Otherwise, what is the price to subscribe to the club? And do you > loan equipment? I have all the equipment but I can't take my carbon > fin in the fly... > > > Regards, > > Maeva >