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10539Wednesday Wrap

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  • Rich Gray
    Dec 11, 2013
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      No Jen, you don't get to change your Doodle choice on the night that you said you would attend.

      You, my dear, are a Doodle tease.  If you continue to tease the Club's Doodle then you may not have the use of your Doodle when you really need it.

      Remember not to overly abuse your Doodle and by all means keep it clean!  (God forbid there should be a traffic accident......)

      Some Doodle abuse is necessary for a healthy Doodle, but too much Doodle abuse will make you go blind.

      So just be careful.

      But I digress.................

      Hockey tonight was FUN!  We had 11 people.  So we actually had a Doodle overload.  The deck was cold, the water was warm.  The score differential was just 1 point.  Very good competition. 

      That's How Goze goes,

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