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1050RE: [clubpuck] June Hockey

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  • Andrea L. Arenovski
    Jun 1 4:02 PM
      Thanks Karen for doing a great job keeping our finances in order.

      As I was reading your email, it occurred to me that maybe it would help if
      we had a 'sign-in' board similar to what they used to use at Ohlone. We
      could get a dry-erase board (or metallic board - IN/OUT style with the
      little magnetic dots) and keep it at the pool with a set of markers. All
      the names of the players could be written down one side and some blank lines
      can be left at the bottom for first-timers to sign in. The board would
      include a column for marking yourself 'present', and possibly some
      additional columns for Red/Yellow/Orange/Green, A/B, Shallow/Deep,
      white/black or whatever. If the board is kept at the pool with the
      equipment, it can be brought out when the first few arrive and set up
      somewhere where everyone can check themselves in when they get there. At
      Ohlone I think they used to use the board to divide up teams, hence the
      suggested additional columns, but maybe this is going to far. More
      importantly though, the big board could help us to track who was there that
      night and would serve as a reminder to us at the end of the night to make
      sure the names get marked on your hockey board.

      If everyone thinks this might help, I'd be willing to go by the local
      OfficeMax to look for something suitable. Just let me know.

      Andrea L. Arenovski, Ph.D., Project Coordinator
      National Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project
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      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Karen Hart [mailto:karenhart1@...]
      > Sent: Friday, June 01, 2001 2:17 PM
      > To: clubpuck@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: RE: [clubpuck] June Hockey
      > Hi Everyone!
      > Excuse my poor english in the last message, I was in a bit of a rush.
      > I need to know how many playing areas were used on Sunday, May 12th.  If
      > someone has a list for that day, I would like that also.  If I don't get a
      > response in the next couple of days then I will just assume that
      > we used two
      > areas.  If I don't get a list, then I won't collect money for
      > that day, but
      > I will still have to pay for the pool.  If we continue to do this, then we
      > won't be playing hockey much longer because we won't have any money to buy
      > pucks or rent the pool. 
      > I know some people think that it is a pain to take the hockey
      > board - I know
      > because I do it every time that I am at hockey.  Some people have
      > been nice
      > enough to take the board with a smile  (Thank you to all the
      > people who fall
      > into this category!!!).  Others look at me like I am giving them
      > extra work
      > to do - I don't really appreciate this response, since I do the
      > work most of
      > the time.  If you're not going to be at hockey, then just tell me
      > that.  If
      > you are going to be at hockey, then take the board (you can always hand it
      > off to someone else who will be at practice).
      > It is everyone's responsibility to make sure we get a list of
      > names and the
      > # of playing areas we use at each practice.  If you don't see the
      > board out
      > at the end of practice, then write down the date, # of playing areas used
      > and a list of names.  If you don't know everyone's name, don't be
      > afraid to
      > take on this task, just ask someone for help. I am willing to
      > take on this
      > responsibility when I am at practice. When I am not at practice, someone
      > else will have to step in. If not - we will run out of money.
      > This is your chance to step in and help out your club. Kendall, Doug, Mary
      > Jo, Brigit, Rich and Dorothy, John Goodrich, Yori, Ken and others
      > (I know I
      > have left out some important names here) spend time coordinating practices
      > with the pool manager, organizing tournaments, organizing
      > practices, fixing
      > the bottom of the pool, etc. Nobody gets paid for what they are doing, it
      > is all just a part of being a member of the club! Let's try to spread the
      > work around. If everyone pitches in a little bit, then it makes it a lot
      > easier on everyone.
      > Thank you again for the many people that have helped with taking
      > names (John
      > G., Dan, Steve, Scott Seamans, Terry, and many more).
      > Happy Hockey,
      > Karen
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