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20Hello Everyone

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  • juarezjulie@rocketmail.com
    Jan 15 12:10 PM
      New to the area,we live in Rochester Washington. Our family moved from San Antonio TX this past August 2013. We heard from family about all the wonderful services for Autism children in the state of Washington. My husband and I have three children, our oldest Brenda is 12 and she is autistic, our middle child Martin is 11, and our youngest Gabriel is 7, we are currently awaiting results on testing for Gabriel (we concur with his teacher that he may have some markers for Asperger's)We have been searching for support groups or playdates for our kids since we got here but have not been successful in timing the "hangouts". We would like to get our kids out to socialize more and could use some venting with other parents as we are fully engaged in our kids lives 24/7.