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    Well, in case you haven t heard, Mark Steffy, Cloud Party s guitarist extraordinaire, has broken a thumb! This situation creates some problems, of course.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2002
      Well, in case you haven't heard, Mark Steffy, Cloud Party's guitarist extraordinaire, has broken a thumb!  This situation creates some problems, of course.  We've cancelled a few shows (Remy's in Harrisburg, Knuckleheadz) and are persevering as a sort of acoustic trio with other shows.
      (The trio would be Chris Altland, bassist extraordinaire, Rick Kelchner, drummer extraordinaire, and Jim Speese, singer, rhythm guitarist ordinaire).
      It's an experimental thing, and it should be fun.
      So, we *are* playing Rob and Michelle's Annual Garden Party on Friday (July 19).  This annual event is a private affair, but e-mail us for info if you're interested.  We have some pull with the hosts. ;)
      Also, next Friday (July 26) we'll be returning to Borders in Wyomissing from 8-10 PM.  This is an all-ages, free show.
      See you then!  In the meantime, wish Steffy well, visit the *new* messageboard at the Cloud Party website and add your own 2 cents, and stay good.
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